2009 DEMOgod Winner gwabbit Debuts World’s First Automatic Contact Cloud

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gwabbit, LLC, the only provider of automated solutions for the contact cloud, today announced gwab-o-sphere?, the world’s first automatic contact cloud. Acting as a “universal remote control” for all your contacts, the gwab-o-sphere automatically receives contacts from gwabbit contact capture products, and then syncs with key contact repositories and social networks like Salesforce.com®, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The gwab-o-sphere automatically monitors contacts for changes, maintaining the most current and accurate source of contacts available. The gwab-o-sphere also offers the ability to mash-up its contact data with key communications service providers like FreeConference.com. The gwab-o-sphere can be seen at booth #36 during DEMO Spring 2010. gwabbit also announced today its partnership with FreeConference.com (See separate announcement titled, Gwabbit Teams With FreeConference.com).

The gwab-o-sphere contact cloud is the latest from 2009 DEMOgod winner gwabbit®, maker of award-winning gwabbit contact capture products for Outlook® and BlackBerry®, which automatically search and identify contacts embedded in emails and adds or updates that information to your address book.

“gwabbit wowed us at last year’s DEMO with its elegantly useful contact management solution,” said Matt Marshall, Executive Producer of DEMO. “With gwab-o-sphere, they are taking it to the next level with a cloud-powered contact management solution that allows users to keep all their contacts? wherever that information lives? updated automatically in real-time.”

A Universal Remote for Contact Management
Today the challenge of keeping your contacts updated and synced is compounded by the many devices, social networks and databases people use to store their contact information. The typical person can have their contacts stored on their smartphone, Outlook address book, CRM database and various social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Keeping this information current and in sync is an onerous and manual task that most people don’t bother with or do poorly.

This is where gwabbit contact capture products come in. Contacts grabbed by gwabbit for Outlook and BlackBerry are automatically added to the gwab-o-sphere, and then synced with contact repositories and social networks like Salesforce.com, Facebook, etc. The gwab-o-sphere then allows all the various contact repositories to “talk” to each other so contacts can be automatically added and updated, ensuring that they are always current no matter where the information lies.

“The gwab-o-sphere solves a nagging problem in contact management that no one has been able to answer until today,” said Todd Miller, president and founder, gwabbit. “How do you keep your contacts fresh, current and synced without tedious and time-consuming manual updates? The gwab-o-sphere is the only solution that does this all automatically so you don’t have to.”

Pricing and Availability

The gwab-o-sphere will be available in Q2 2010 free of charge to all gwabbit users, including gwabbit for Outlook and the Premium and free versions of gwabbit for BlackBerry, and can be downloaded from www.gwabbit.com or BlackBerry App World www.blackberry.com/appworld).

About gwabbit, LLC
Founded in 2008 gwabbit (formerly Technicopia, LLC) is the only provider of applications designed to manage the contact cloud. Its flagship product gwabbit, grabs contact information embedded in emails and automatically updates or creates new contact files. Recipient of the DEMO 09 DEMOgod awards, gwabbit for Outlook and gwabbit for BlackBerry are the fastest ways to manage contacts on a mobile device or desktop. Whether you are on the road or at the desk, gwabbit delivers Email Contact Management (ECM) solutions at a price point you can afford. For more information or to purchase gwabbit, visit www.gwabbit.com

About DEMO

Produced by the IDG Enterprise events group, the worldwide DEMO conferences focus on emerging technologies and new products innovations, which are hand selected from across the spectrum of the technology marketplace. The DEMO conferences have earned their reputation for consistently identifying cutting-edge technologies and helping entrepreneurs secure venture funding and establish critical business. For more information on the DEMO conferences, visit http://www.demo.com/

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