Key-Systems at WorldHostingDays 2011

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German internet company Key-Systems presents their services at the WorldHostingDays (WHD) 2011 in Rust (booth no. 53). The exposition emphasizes the company-owned TIER III SkyWay DataCenter, which started operating at the beginning of 2011. RRPproxy, Key-Systems’ domain registration and management system for resellers is also a central part of the WHD appearance. Furthermore, Key-Systems presents WHD sponsor Verisign at its booth. Among all visitors of the booth, Key-Systems and Verisign raffle an iPad. Representatives from Key-Systems and Verisign are also active as speakers in the WHD Session.

St. Ingbert, 11-03-21. A central part of Key-Systems’ appearance at the WorldHostingDays 2011 is the new, company-owned SkyWay DataCenter. The TIER III SkyWay DataCenter supplies worldwide companies and individuals with multi-purpose IT and telecommunication services. „As a certified TIER III data center, we offer an effective and redundant infrastructure that guarantees our customers highest availability for their IT“, describes SkyWay’s CEO Alexander Siffrin. „Specialized staff and individual service level agreements complement our services“.

The SkyWay DataCenter attaches great importance to environmental protection. The complete energy demand of the data center and the offices is supplied by the green electricity of the urban energy supplier. It is expected that the server room can be completely or predominantly cooled with the outdoor temperature three quarters of the year. By using the warm discharged air to heat the data center and adjacent office building, SkyWay demonstrates environmental responsibility.

Another focus of Key-Systems’ WHD appearance is RRPproxy, a fully automated real-time system for domain registration and management, especially aiming at internet service providers and registrars. Apart from domains, RRPproxy offers extensive extra services such as vServers, SSL certificates, a subreseller system or hosting. As meta registry, the reseller platform combines a variety of domain extensions and services in one easy-to-handle, efficient system. Currently, RRPproxy provides the fully automated registration of more than 280 domain extensions and is continuously expanding the offerings. The RRPproxy package also includes the realization of any TLD worldwide on customer’s request.

Every visitor of the Key-Systems booth may try to crack the RRPproxy safe with a number code. The transparent safe includes an iPad, sponsored by Key-Systems and Verisign. If nobody cracks the safe, anyone who filled out the entry form will get a second chance to win the iPad in the subsequent lottery. Both companies, Key-Systems and Verisign, also take part in the WHD lecture program. Key-Systems’ CEO Alexander Siffrin will hold a speech about “Conventional domain reselling as part of hosting services vs. registry account management” on Thursday, March 24 (hosting.SESSION: 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm). On Wednesday, March 23, Tobias Wann, Managing Director, Verisign Deutschland GmbH will talk about 1985 to 2035: 50 years of the Internet (main.FORUM: 11:30 am – 12.15 pm). The topic of Patti Kelly, Director Product Management at Verisign, Inc. on Thursday, March 24, is: “MobileView: smart web sites meet smartphones” (hosting.SESSION: 5:15 pm – 6:00 pm).

Key-Systems is an international IT company that currently manages more than 3 million domains for more than 70,000 retail/corporate customers and resellers worldwide. The company with 54 employees is the second largest registrar for generic domains such as .COM or .NET in Europe and one of the 15 largest worldwide (source: Key-Systems’ headquarters are located in St. Ingbert/Germany. Furthermore, the company runs two subsidiaries in the USA and Mexico. In addition to the TIER III SkyWay DataCenter and the reseller portal, Key-Systems’ business areas include the retail customer portal, the corporate domain portal, a service for registry operation (KSregistry) and the domainer software DNWorker.

Key-Systems GmbH located in St. Ingbert, Germany, was founded by Alexander Siffrin in 1998. The company has grown from an academic sideline to a successful international ICANN accredited registrar for internet addresses. Areas such as a fully automated reseller-system and web hosting completed the success story. Today with more than 3 million domains under its management, the company has reached a leading market position, selling domain names, web hosting and DNS services to customers all over the world. The latest product offers companies and institutions special services related to domain administration including services to get their own top-level domain (TLD) as this opportunity unfolds in the near future. Key-Systems is operating subsidiaries in the USA and Mexico.

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