Spiral Hosting Acquires Host and Domain Registrar Aventure Host

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Spiral Hosting Limited (www.spiralhosting.com), a leading UK and Ireland web hosting solutions provider has announced it has acquired the Domain Registration and Shared Hosting business of Aventure Host (www.aventurehost.com).

Aventure Host has been trading for over eight years with a reputation for delivering a high-quality service backed by first-rate customer support. Aventure Host have a large UK client base and are based in central Belfast. Aventure Host was the first webhosting provider in Ireland to offer webhosting on the cloud.

Spiral Hosting have a large Irish and international client base. Spiral Hosting also expanded into the American hosting market after acquiring the webhosting division of Eideashop in May 2010. Spiral Hosting is headquartered in Belfast and also has offices in Dublin and Oregon, USA. The merger with Aventure Host makes Spiral Hosting the largest webhosting provider in N Ireland.

Peter Armstrong, director of the Irish HSP explained: “Spiral Hosting are delighted to announce the acquisition of Aventure Host. This acquisition allows us to expand our operations in the United Kingdom and invest in our webhosting infrastructure, customer service and technical support.”

“Aventure Host is a first-class webhosting provider that is in many ways similar to Spiral Hosting. Both companies are located just a mile apart in central Belfast, they have a long history of providing quality reputable services and they are proud to offer friendly personal support that will go the extra mile for our customers.

“The merger will result in improvements for all Spiral Hosting and Aventure Host customers. Our top three objectives are excellent servers, fast support and most importantly happy customers. The Aventure Host business will continue as a going-concern with the same website, services and billing portal. Our team will continue to provide 24/7/365 friendly personal support from our offices in central Belfast.”


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