Glasgow Based Internet Company Endrick IT Supplying Low Cost Leased Lines

. February 1, 2012 . 0 Comments

Glasgow, UK based company Endrick IT operating since 2005, today announced that it will be providing low cost leased lines without compromising service availability, speed or customer service. Endrick IT goes further by discounting larger bandwidth leased lines and waiving installation and equipment costs over longer contract periods.

Endrick IT’s 2Mb to 1Gb leased circuits are suitable for any UK business with a growing dependency on reliable internet connectivity requirements including; Direct Internet Access (DIA), Point to Point (P2P), MPLS VPNs –important components when sending internet data or VoIP Data across wire.

MD, Mr E Edward-Smith said; “We must be in the position to provide customers with affordable connectivity solutions that remain reliable at all times. Leased Lines play a big part in reducing business costs; one example is eliminating the requirement of multiple ISDN channels for traditional PBX phone systems and allowing cloud hosted VoIP systems. Another example is larger up streaming speeds (wider bandwidth) giving more remote users a faster experience”

Mr E Edward-Smith went on to say; “Customers purchasing Leased Lines including Ethernet First Mile (EFM) who also commit to a “3 Year Contract” are rewarded by not having to pay any installation costs or any associated equipment costs. This makes our service more accessible for those businesses with constrained budgets”.

Endrick IT’s main office is located in Glasgow, with engineers based in every major UK city, Endrick IT are able to provide and support up to 1Gb circuits in all regions throughout the country.

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