Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

VPS.NET to Offer CloudLinuxOS

CloudLinux Inc., an innovative software company dedicated to serving the needs of hosting service providers, announces today that VPS.NET, a leader in the cloud hosting arena,will begin to offer CloudLinux as one of its standard Linux Operating Systems (OS) on all of its VPS cloud offerings. VPS.NET is an elastic cloud hosting provider offering instant scalable Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions. VPS.NET selected CloudLinux because of the increased flexibility and control that the CloudLinux OS provides VPS.NET across its cloud computing architecture. By leveraging its Lightweight Virtual Environment™ (LVE) technology, the CloudLinux OS allows VPS.NET to deliver increased performance and flexibility to its suite of secure cloud service offerings.

With offices in the U.K. and the U.S., VPS.NET is a Virtual Private Server Cloud solution provider offering a flexible, innovative alternative to traditional hosting. VPS works by allocating a partitioned portion of a physical server, then breaks its infrastructure into “nodes,” or blocks of resources (376MB of RAM, 10GB storage, 250GB transfer, and 600Mhz CPU share) that can be pooled together in various ways to create custom virtual machines.

“VPS.NET customers want full control and flexibility from their cloud solutions,” states Ditlev Bredahl, CEO of UK2 Group, parent company to VPS.NET. “CloudLinux provides our clients another way to have full control over their hosted environments, adding new levels of server stability and performance which is so critical to our growing client base.”

The core technology behind CloudLinux OS is its Lightweight Virtual Environment™ a kernel-level technology that limits the amount of resources (CPU, I/O, memory) available to a group of processes. With LVE, administrators now have the tools to control the CPU and IO demands of individual tenants, so that a single site cannot slow or take down a whole server. While similar in approach to container virtualization, LVE is lightweight and transparent. The LVE level fair-share CPU scheduler makes sure that each account gets enough CPU resources to run efficiently. This innovative CloudLinux OS technology offers service providers increased control as never realized before with traditional OS.

CloudLinux OS will provide additional benefits to VPS.NET customers including:

Innovative LVE technology that increases server stability and performance with less downtime

Complete, 24/7 support

Compatibility with the major control panel for easy management and deployment

“VPS.NET’s offering is based on providing reliable and resilient services. The CloudLinux OS provides even greater control and efficiency to deliver the high quality services demanded by VPS.NET clients,” states Igor Seletskiy, CEO and Founder of CloudLinux.

With a full range of benefits for both shared hosting and cloud providers such as VPS.NET, as well as data center partners, the CloudLinux OS offers innovative technology to streamline server management; increase control and stability; and improve overall performance. For more information, please visit www.cloudlinux.com

About VPS.NET and UK2 Group
VPS.NET is a subsidiary of the UK2 Group, which is a leading global group of web hosting brands. Providing web hosting and internet services to savvy surfers, small businesses and blue chip giants alike, VPS.NET offers affordable virtual private server cloud hosting. With its state-of-the-art redundant cloud system, the VPS.NET platform has immediate scalability with pre-set up stacks, a simple billing process, and a user friendly management portal. With VPS.NET you can build, test and deploy your website on the VPS.NET cloud in minutes with instant scalability. For more information about VPS.NET please visit www.vps.net.

About CloudLinux, Inc.

Founded in Princeton, NJ, CloudLinux is a privately funded company that combines unique expertise in the service provider business with in-depth technical knowledge of hosting, kernel development and open source.

CloudLinux provides hosting companies and datacenters with the only commercially supported Linux operating system (OS) optimized for their needs. The new technology behind CloudLinux has been proven to increase density; stability and performance helping customers realize reduced operating costs and increased profitability.

For more information, please visit www.cloudlinux.com

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