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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Flying.com Domain Name Sold for $1.1 Million

UsedAirplanes, Inc., the parent company of UsedAirplanes.com, announced today that they have completed the purchase of the domain name Flying.com for $1.1 million.

The first (beta) version of Flying.com will be launched on June 1, 2010 to display all of the used airplanes and aircraft from the company’s flagship website UsedAirplanes.com. This will provide a new and additional sales channel for the brokers that currently list their inventory on UsedAirplanes.com.

“The amount of traffic Flying.com will generate will obviously enhance the amount of leads our brokers will receive for their used airplanes and aircraft. The brokers put their faith and trust in us when we asked for it and it gives me great pleasure to offer them this additional sales channel,” stated Horne.

The company will spend the remainder of 2010 developing Flying.com into a digital media, aviation-community based website with a strong focus on social media. In addition, Flying.com will be the first website developed from the ground up with Apple’s new iPad format in mind throughout the development.

“With the overwhelming success of the Apple iPad launch over the past few days it is obvious that Steve Jobs has, once again, developed a revolutionary product that makes the users experience far greater through a more enjoyable and user-friendly format. After holding the iPad, seeing the potential for myself, and watching the expressions on the faces of others that had the opportunity to use one, it is clear that one day the device will be on the coffee table of almost every aviators home and in the lobby of every FBO in the world. The iPad (www.Apple.com) is really that remarkable,” stated Horne.

When people hear about a product or service they turn to the Internet for real-time reviews, pictures, videos, blogs, buyer and industry ratings and comments and suggestions within the social media avenues. It all comes down to where readers are and where they are going.

“Readers clearly wanted a new way to enhance how they enjoy, share and gather information, send and receive emails and view new media (digital). We are proud to be able to embrace the future and build Flying.com with the iPad in mind while focusing entirely on digital (new) media.

Brokers can sign up to list their inventory on both Flying.com & UsedAirplanes.com by contacting Laura Thompson at 800-533-9390 (ext. 1) or email: Laura(at)Flying(dot)com . A video of Ms. Thompson is available at the website: (http://www.usedairplanes.com/about-us.html).

UsedAirplanes, Inc. is also currently looking to acquire other digital media companies and websites.


Flying.com has been online since 1994 and has provided information and links to and within the aviation industry. The domain name was sold in September of 2009 for an undisclosed amount however the sales price on the day of the sale was $845,000.


UsedAirplanes, Inc. is the parent company of UsedAirplanes.com. UsedAirplanes.com is the aviation marketplace for used airplanes and used aircraft. The website attracts the best used aircraft brokers in the business as well as the most discriminating potential buyers. Used aircraft for sale on the website include used Cessna airplanes, Cirrus aircraft, Diamond airplanes and jets. UsedAirplanes also lists used Piper airplanes, Learjets, Beechcraft airplanes and jets, Dassault jets, Mooney airplanes and all types of used helicopters for sale. In addition, Used Airplanes offers a community blog, education and forum section that allows the community to help one another answer questions on products, education, maintenance, repairs and various questions surrounding the ownership of an aircraft. The company is located in Florida and is in the process of opening its first California office. http://www.UsedAirplanes.com

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