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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Free Website Uptime Checker Service Launch by HostGee Inc

Mywebsitedownorup UpTime is a distributed monitoring system whose main purpose is to determine uninterrupted periods of certain services’ work.

Monitors located on a great amount of different servers examine a service (www, smtp, pop3) and get information about its efficiency. This information is sent to the data handling centre. Information analysis allows determining the service’s state – available or not available – as well as the exact duration of the service’s uninterrupted work.

Mywebsitedownorup UpTime may be of great use to website owners, mail server users, and those who want to be in the know of the fact whether their personal or corporate site is available to the public, if it is possible to send mail and whether the host-provider’s statement about 99.99% uptime is true.

You will have access to the complete information concerning the service’s state: when and how many times (since the monitoring start) the service was available or unavailable and what the current uptime is.

Every time the state of the service changes, you will get an e-mail notification about the new service’s state. This will enable you to respond to the existing situation on-the-fly.

The service is completely free of charge.

The service is still in Test Mode now, so do not hesitate to post bug reports/suggestions/ comments in this thread. Developers will be glad to answer all your questions and help you with any issues you might have.

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