Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

MyMultiHost.com Introduces New HostSelector™ Tool

A new website application from MyMultiHost.com helps users find the best web host by determining their business needs and matching them with the web host and plan that provides the best match to their requirements.

A new website is promising website owners, or soon-to-be website owners, help in finding web hosting that suits each of their individual needs. There are literally hundreds of web hosts in business, all with varying features and quality. MyMultiHost.com is successfully helping users with all different kinds of websites determine which features are most important to them and guiding them to the web hosting company that best fits their requirements.

In an online interview, the website owner stated that, “It can be really difficult to choose the right host from hundreds when you have to compare what seems like apples to oranges, especially if you are new to running a website. That’s why MyMultiHost.com provides comprehensive web host reviews, a 101-point [web host] comparison and our new HostSelector™ tool. HostSelector™ is designed to ask a few easy questions, and from that, guide the user to the best host for their needs.”

Selecting a reliable hosting company is like moving into a well-maintained building – one doesn’t have to be concerned about random power outages and leaky pipes because professionals are there to make sure everything works. But unlike the building, where a prospective tenant can go inside and inspect before they rent the space, all a person can see with a web host is the company website. So, it makes a lot of sense that new website owners would want an inspector for web hosts.

The MyMultiHost.com website not only shows visitors what to look for in a web host, it has created an extremely user-friendly way in their HostSelector™ tool to help them select one. The website also provides a free eBook that teaches their newsletter subscribers about web hosting. Add to that a number of no-nonsense tutorials on starting an online business and website design, a regularly updated blog and a real-time domain name search tool, and you have an enormously beneficial resource for website owners.

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