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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Rackspace Hosting Updates Rackspace Hybrid Email

Rackspace Hosting, the world leader in the hosting and cloud computing industry, has enhanced its popular Rackspace Hybrid Email offering – a custom mix of Hosted Microsoft Exchange and the business-focused Rackspace Email platform on a single domain. Rackspace Hybrid Email now features easy calendar viewing between Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Rackspace Email, as well as a faster webmail design for Rackspace Email to make businesses using Rackspace Hybrid Email even more productive.

“We’ve learned from our customers that, on average, only a small percentage of employees really need and use the advanced features of Microsoft Exchange, yet many businesses are paying a lot more to run Exchange for every single user” said Kirk Averett, director of product for cloud applications at Rackspace. “With Rackspace Hybrid Email, companies can purchase a combination of Exchange and low cost Rackspace Email accounts on a single domain, without sacrificing features for any employee. Most businesses can realise a significant cost savings by utilising this model because they have different types of email users”

Rackspace Hybrid Email has been a key attraction for Rackspace solution partners and resellers because it provides another unique selling point, in addition to Rackspace’s Fanatical Support. Businesses can reduce total costs by substituting even one Exchange user with Rackspace Email. For example, using an average 80/20 ratio of Rackspace Email to Hosted Exchange, businesses can save more than 60 percent on email with Rackspace Hybrid Email compared to Hosted Exchange alone, and significantly more than hosting their own email in-house.

With the recent updates, Rackspace Hybrid Email now features:

– Viewable Calendars – Now users can share and view calendars across the entire organisation, whether it’s an Exchange user or a Rackspace Email user, for easier scheduling and coordination.
– Improved Webmail – The new webmail interface for Rackspace Email is easy to learn and faster to navigate. New features include improved search quality and speed, and simplified customisation of company logos and background images for private label resellers.
– Simple Control Panel – Administrators can easily manage Hosted Exchange and Rackspace Email accounts and settings from one dashboard.
– Microsoft SharePoint – All Rackspace cloud email accounts have access to free hosted SharePoint, with up to 250MB of storage, for improved document management and team collaboration. More storage is easily purchased with low utility pricing.
– Compatibility – Both Hosted Exchange and Rackspace Email are compatible with the Microsoft Outlook desktop client, and provide mobile support for Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile.

About Rackspace Hosting UK
Rackspace Hosting is the world’s leader in the hosting and cloud computing industry and has been ranked in Financial Times Top 50 Great Place to Work in the United Kingdom for the past six years. Rackspace provides its customers with Fanatical Support by delivering a portfolio of hosted IT services, including dedicated servers, managed hosting, cloud hosting and email and apps.

Rackspace data centres offer a full suite of cloud computing applications including email, collaboration and storage solutions. Rackspace hosts more than 1.7 million paid email accounts through its email platform that includes Rackspace Email, Hosted Microsoft Exchange and a hybrid offering of the two services, all backed by Rackspace’s 24×7 Fanatical Support and a hosting guide to help chose the right hosting solution.

Rackspace Hosting PR contact:
Brooke Hamilton
Rackspace Hosting
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