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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

StratoGen Hosting Completes Major Upgrade

StratoGen has completed the final phase of its strategic upgrade of core network facilities. The upgraded network can carry more than 10GB of data per second and will provide customers with increased scalability, higher capacity and total resilience. It took 6 months to design, build and deploy.

The project has been completed 2 months early with zero downtime, which is testament to the talented engineers employed by the company.

Karl Robinson, Director of StratoGen, said: “We already have an enviable reputation for network quality and we continue to invest in our infrastructure to make sure we stay ahead. All our clients have a 100% uptime guarantee so it was vitally important that these significant upgrades were planned in such a way so as to avoid any service disruption. Naturally I’m very proud of the performance of our technical team as this will serve to highlight the strength of our service level agreement and the calibre of the engineers that look after our infrastructure.”

The deployment of all new high-end Cisco routers and switches has resulted in a significant speed increase and makes StratoGen one of the most resilient managed hosting providers in Europe. In addition, the platform allows for complex private network infrastructures and can cope with huge volumes of event driven Internet traffic.

“UK businesses have become increasingly aware of the importance of their online presence and this has led to a rapid growth in managed hosting. With these upgrades in place we can look forward to servicing many more customers and deploying complex hosting infrastructures with ease,” Robinson said.

For further information please visit http://www.stratogen.net/

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