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19 New Domain Extensions on Key-Systems Automated Domain Portals

With the availability of the zones .VN and .AF and the enlargement of the zones .FR and .UZ, Key-Systems’ domain offering becomes even more diverse. The German based registrar with a US subsidiary in Leesburg, VA continuously extends its domain portfolio Thus far in 2010, 38 new domain extensions have been introduced. Through the reseller portal RRPproxy.net and the retail portal domaindiscount24.com, Key-Systems offers more than 200 TLDs and SLDs for registration. “If a customer asks for a dedicated TLD, which is not yet available at Key-Systems, we will realize the registration immediately,” says Key-Systems CEO Alexander Siffrin about the service standard of its company. “Brand owners and companies can register all worldwide available TLDs with the help of our Corporate Domain Portal BrandShelter.com,” adds Siffrin.

.VN, ccTLD for Vietnam

According to dotVN, the registry for .VN domains, the number of internet users in Vietnam has increased exponentially in the past year – from 430,000 users in 2000 to 22,779,887 persons in 2009. Besides the top-level domain .VN, Key-Systems offers the following extensions:

• .COM.VN and .BIZ.VN – for commercial content
• .NET.VN – for online services and telecommunication providers
• .ORG.VN – for organizations
• .EDU.VN – for education
• .GOV.VN – for governmental organizations
• .INT.VN – for international organizations with a seat in Vietnam
• .AC.VN – for the research area
• .PRO.VN – as abbreviation for professional
• .INFO.VN – for information portals
• .HEALTH.V – for the pharmacy and medicine sections
• .NAME.VN – for individuals

.VN domain names are open for registration by parties around the world.

.AF, ccTLD for Afghanistan

.AF is the country-code top-level domain for Afghanistan which anyone can register without restrictions. In addition to .AF, Key-Systems offers the SLDs .COM.AF, .ORG.AF and .NET.AF. The technical registry provider for .AF is CoCCA, a company that operates a number of ccTLDs and provides a reliable registration system. The registration period for .AF domains is at least a year to a maximum of five years. One- and two-digit domain names can be registered; IDNs are not available. Owner changes, reactivations and transfers are fully supported.

.FR, ccTLD for France

Since August, Key-Systems’ customers can not only register domain names ending with .FR, the official top-level domain for France, but also third-level domain names ending with .COM.FR. The registration of a .COM.FR name is only possible if the same name has not already been registered with the extensions .FR, .ASSO.FR or .TM.FR. For registering .COM.FR domains the same procedure and the same rules apply as for registering .FR domains. For registrants outside France, Key-Systems offers a Trustee Service.

.UZ, ccTLD for Uzbekistan

Since February 2010, Key-Systems has offered .UZ as well as .CO.UZ and .COM.UZ. From now on, the SLD .ORG.UZ is also available. .ORG.UZ domains can be registered for one or two years. There are no other registration restrictions.

Key-Systems currently manages more than 2.7 million internet addresses for more than 70,000 end customers and 1,700 resellers via its three-domain portals, RRPproxy.net, BrandShelter.com and domaindiscount24.com. According to domain information portals such as registrarstats.com it is one of the 15 largest ICANN registrars worldwide and number two in Europe. The company with 53 employees has direct access to the registries of more than 200 country-code domain extensions such as the German .DE and generic extensions such as .COM.

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