Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

MyHost Corp Expands Name Servers Infrastructure to Europe

MyHost Corp.’s Networking & Website Hosting Infrastructure department has just expanded the hosting company’s name server grid.

Consequently, the organization is now able to cover more efficiently the name server propagation at increased speeds in both United States of America and Europe.

Considering that MyHost Corp. is a Delaware-based corporation, its DNS infrastructure was initially focused on the United States of America, aiming to effectively cover this specific geographical area. However, as international business opportunities and customer numbers have increased, the necessity for professional DNS coverage for European based IP addresses has risen.

Mr Liviu Damian, CEO and Chairman of the Board at MyHost Corp. considers this recent achievement “an extremely important addition to the organization’s professional line of services and features” and adds that “DNS coverage of both USA and EU based IP addresses will certainly help customers migrate their already existing websites and domain names to MyHost servers while new customers will be able to start utilizing their recently registered domain names without delay.”

With two continents now covered in its DNS infrastructure, MyHost Corp. continues to develop its business and global line of customers, actively seeking new business to business opportunities while maintaining a solid level of service for end user contracts.

While an enhanced coverage in DNS zones can boost propagation speed for new name resolution requirements, having alternative DNS resources also benefits web hosting customers in terms of security and availability. In order to learn more about and benefit from this type of hosting services, do visit the company’s website at http://www.myho.st/web-hosting

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