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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Website Builder Wix Reaches 5 Million Users

If you’re a small business owner, an event promoter, an artist, or just someone with something to say, in need of a platform on which to say it – Wix’ website builder offers a wide range of tools with which you can easily make your own website and share your message with the world. The company has witnessed an extraordinary pace of growth since its inception in 2006, and is pleased to announce that it has now reached over 5 million users.

This means more than 5 million people worldwide have discovered how to make a website with Wix. A favorite among creative professionals, designers, marketing agencies and many other business niches, Wix’ hassle-free drag & drop interface allows for total creative freedom, removing complex computer codes from the equation. This allows the user to focus on the look and feel of his/her website.

Wix Founder & CEO Avishai Avrahami commented, “5 million internet users know that Wix is the best tool for promoting oneself online. The next step is to embrace the international market, with multilingual support and content.”

The company’s success can be attributed to a few factors, apart from creating a genuinely valuable product and making it available to literally anyone with internet access. Ingrained within Wix’ company philosophy is an emphasis on the creation and maintenance of a community. Wix is constantly engaged in a dialogue with its users, through various social media channels, a dynamic blog full of rich content, well-maintained forums and the Wix Wish List, where users can submit suggestions on the company’s product and service.

The product itself is constantly experiencing a makeover, with new versions released on a regular basis offering users greater control over their websites.

Earlier this year, Wix unleashed its much-anticipated HTML component, enabling users to build Flash websites with customizable HTML widgets. This item was at the top of the Wix Wish List since the editor was created, and marked a significant milestone in Wix history. Users receive updates in a recently-added message box within the editor, notifying them of the latest features and content available each time a new batch is uploaded.

Avrahami says, “Our users are an incredible source of information for us, in terms of product development.”

Wix makes its money through the freemium business model, offering premium features to users who wish to upgrade their free websites. Setting up an online shop, connecting to one’s own domain and using Google Analytics to track site traffic are a few of the advanced features available to premium users.

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