Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Coeus Blue Announces Dynamic Infrastructure Scaling Web Hosting

Coeus Blue, a managed services hosting provider, today announced the availability of a dynamic infrastructure scaling solution designed to power the e-commerce sites of small and medium businesses.

Also known as “auto-scaling”, dynamic infrastructure scaling provides an affordable alternative to traditional hosting options, when high performance is critical. A cloud-based computing solution, auto-scaling eliminates the capital investment required to install server hardware and provides a customized hosting implementation that scales both up and down to match an e-commerce business’ performance needs. Coeus Blue’s solution is built to meet the unique infrastructure demands of smaller online businesses.

“Like most cloud computing solutions, our auto-scaling product is a very flexible, reliable hosting service that provides e-commerce businesses with the site performance they need, when they need it,” said Matthew Goward, founder and CEO of Coeus Blue. “But, our solution is different in that the auto-scaling function is driven by logic and business rules written for each individual business we serve, rather than for all the clients we host. The biggest benefit for businesses is that server capacity ramps down as site load subsides. It’s a very economical model.”

The use of cloud-based enterprise application hosting is on the rise because it eliminates the constraints of traditional software and hardware licensing models but delivers the high performance, reliability and scalability that e-commerce businesses rely on.
“For our clients, a capital investment in hosting servers isn’t practical,” said Goward, “but the success of their business still relies on the availability and performance of their e-commerce sites. With auto-scaling, we’ve found a way to deliver peak performance during critical demand periods very economically.”

Coeus Blue is able to complete most new implementations in less than one week, making it possible for online retailers to be ready for the critical holiday selling season.

About Coeus Blue
Coeus Blue is a managed services hosting provider that offers custom application hosting, web hosting consulting services, and load testing. The firm specializes in hosting Open Commerce Platform™ (OCP), the powerful e-commerce platform created by Fry, Inc., and provides Magento Enterprise cloud computing solutions as well. Coeus Blue provides innovative, affordable cloud-based hosting solutions to a range of e-commerce businesses including retail, publishing, and manufacturing. For more information, visit http://www.coeusblue.com

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