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Pharma firms Cloud hosting with netexperts and iomart

Pharmaceutical companies looking to reduce IT costs without sacrificing regulatory compliance, transfer speed, data integrity and IP security should consider cloud computing as the next step in their technology strategy, according to iomart Hosting.

iomart Hosting, which operates five UK data centres, and life science IT support specialists netexperts have joined forces to offer high-performance compliant hosted computing to pharamaceutical firms looking to combine cost savings with maintaining the integrity of their infrastructure. Pharmaceutical companies have the additional pressures of regulatory compliance as well as legal compliance issues around the data protection directive.

Nottingham-based netexperts, established in 1999, provides a full range of IT support services to over 80 clients across the UK with a strong focus on supporting regulated industries from the life sciences, finance and education sectors.

Many firms have previously preferred to keep IT systems in-house, given the heavy regulatory and data security obligations on the pharmaceutical sector, even before commercially-sensitive intellectual property is considered.

Sarah Haran, managing director of iomart Hosting, said: “The pharma industry thrives on the strength of its data and how it takes that to market, so proper management of that is critical to every company in the sector. Security is often cited as being a main barrier to entry for organisations looking at cloud services and yet in most cases the perception is far removed from the reality. In many cases we often find that organisations can actually improve upon their current security position by moving to the cloud.

“netexperts has a host of clients requiring specialist IT infrastructure support, both in change controlled hardware and software environments to maintain validated state, and procedures to ensure security and data integrity are maintained, so our fully managed services operates in a highly controlled environment around the clock with multiple failsafes in place to ensure maximum availability.

“We’re delighted to be supporting netexperts in helping their clients with new, more efficient ways of managing their IT networks in a way which enables them to concentrate on researching and producing innovative healthcare solutions.”

Keith Williams, director of netexperts, said: “Our focus is to ensure our clients receive the best quality service possible at the right price, whether on a large or small scale. Historically, pharmaceutical companies have been rather conservative, and rightly so, when it comes to releasing information and intellectual property outside of site boundaries.

“However, as the market evolves companies are now looking to outsource IT requirements to a partner that can address their compliance needs, and, most importantly, that they trust knows the regulations and requirements they have to work to. Working with iomart Hosting allows us to structure our IT and support services in an organised, flexible and useful manner to allow compliant use of systems, at a sensible cost.”

Sarah added: “By using iomart Hosting, netexperts are guaranteed that their data remains within the UK, and by utilising our network of five ISO27001 certified data centres, is fully backed up and accessible and disaster free.”

About iomart Hosting
iomart Hosting is one of the UK’s leading providers of hosting services. From a single server through to private cloud networks, iomart specialises in the delivery and management of mission-critical hosting services, enabling customers to reduce the costs, complexity and risks associated with maintaining their own web and online applications.By physically owning and managing its own network infrastructure, including five state-of-the-art data centres in the UK, it offers world-beating levels of service to its customers.
For more information visit www.iomarthosting.com

About netexperts

netexperts provides a full range of compliant IT support services in particular for regulated industries. netexperts can provide support and maintenance for general network issues as well as providing expert support and consultancy services for high end, high risk business critical systems. For more information visit www.netexperts.co.uk

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