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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Premium .MX Domain Name Auction

Sales.mx, the premiere online source for .MX domain name aftermarket sales and research, in partnership with SnapNames and Moniker, both Oversee.net companies and leaders in domain name auction services, will feature nearly 200 hand-picked, premium .MX keyword domains in an upcoming showcase auction. The auction, which takes place between November 2nd and November 9th, will spotlight many top Spanish keywords including Afiliado.mx, Compania.mx, Deportivo.mx, Fuego.mx, Islas.mx, Nuevo.mx, Pregunta.mx, Once.mx, CamionetasUsadas.mx and Carlos.mx, as well as popular English keywords including Debt.mx, Green.mx, Discount.mx, Flying.mx, Support.mx, Wireless.mx, and destination names like NewYork.mx and Travelling.mx.

Mexico has been rapidly adopting the .MX top-level domain as a primary choice for online branding, according to a recent case study conducted by Sales.mx. The study cites a wide array of Mexican companies ranging from local and international businesses, professional schools, travel agencies, media publications, political figures, and internet start-ups, all now using .MX domains for their online identity.

In an interview published in July by Sales.mx, CEO of NIC Mexico Oscar Robles indicated that “.MX has grown almost 45% against .COM.MX growth of only 9% since Nov 1, 2009.”

In reference to an interactive marketing campaign launched by NIC Mexico earlier this year at SeamosMas.mx, Mr Robles also commented in the interview that, “With this campaign we want all those who have a passion, business, idea or project to take advantage of the Internet; and use it as a tool to introduce it to the whole world and label it with .MX. This way we’ll be more .MX to Place the Name of Mexico on the Internet.”

Auction Begins: Tuesday, Nov 2 at 10 a.m. ET (7 a.m. PT)

Auction Ends: Tuesday, Nov 9 at 3:15 p.m. ET (12:15 p.m. PT)

More details and a full list of domains at auction can be found at: http://snipurl.com/auction-mx

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