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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Actionable Strategies Joins Cloud Computing Consortium

Actionable Strategies, a boutique consulting firm serving clients globally, joined the Cloud Computing Consortium, a cross-industry industry organization formed to become the leading source of knowledge on cloud computing. Actionable Strategies CEO Jeffrey Wu represents the firm in three working groups: Strategies, Value Proposition and Governance.

“We are pleased to contribute to the Cloud Computing Consortium and provide practical insight based on our work in cloud strategy and implementation projects. We believe that these types of industry forums help organization more effectively extract value from cloud computing while separating reality from marketing hype”, explained Jeffrey Wu, CEO of Actionable Strategies. “Our consultants have experience across the cloud computing value chain: from application and infrastructure vendors to enterprises of all sizes. From our past work with providers and customers, we are intimately familiar with the business, financial, operating and technology models of cloud computing. We look forward to supporting the Cloud Computing Consortium as it addresses the most pertinent issues facing leaders embracing the cloud model.”

Actionable Strategies offers services for cloud computing from strategy and planning through to implementation. Best practices are culled from enterprise projects as well as consulting engagements. Practitioners have operated cloud models for clearing and settlement, payroll, payment and CRM systems among others. Inside knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses on the vendor side helps the firm provide significant value when setting strategy and planning implementation. Actionable Strategies addresses other critical issues addressed such as governance including data governance, business case development, operating processes, metrics and service levels, compliance and audit (e.g., SOX and SAS70).

Actionable Strategies is a boutique consulting firm with a unique perspective of solution offerings and thought leadership. The firm specializes in key items on the executive agenda and solutions that drive performance improvement, lower total costs and manage risk. From enabling revenue growth to improving margins across an enterprise, the focus is on aligning process and technology to business impacting needs. By applying best practices and cross industry experience, the firm enables clients to formulate winning strategies and execute them effectively. Consultants at the firm have proven themselves in business strategy, globalization, alignment, turnarounds and M&A. The firm has created the operational organizations, processes and technologies to provide competitive advantage, market agility and global scale.

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