Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Bolt Web Switches to Unlimited Shared Web Hosting

Bolt Web Hosting has announced that they will be offering unlimited shared web hosting plans, which will immediately replace their existing shared web hosting plans. Unlimited hosting plans enable the customer to use as much storage space and bandwidth as they need, instead of imposing strict limits on how much of these two resources they can consume.

Existing customers have had their accounts migrated over to the new plans already, however they are not being charged any extra fees for this extension of their hosting plans. This is a huge bonus to existing customers who were previously paying $3.95/month for limited hosting and are now getting a significantly larger hosting plan for the same price.

“The decision to enter the unlimited shared web hosting market was made a while ago,” Christian Little, CEO of Bolt Web Hosting, Inc. says. “Todays customers are favoring unlimited shared hosting plans and we wanted to ensure our products are up to par with customer demands.”

In addition to this expansion, Christian also hinted at offering other hosting plans including reseller plans, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated hosting plans in the near future. “We don’t have a public launch date for these new products, but you can expect to hear about one in the next month or so, and the others will be online by the end of the year.”

Web hosting is an extremely competitive industry, with literally thousands of existing providers and new competitors entering every day. Bolt Web Hosting was founded late in 2010 by people who have been web hosting customers for years with various other companies and have taken their experiences and skills to offer a quality hosting product.

“By taking our experiences with various other hosting companies, and our extensive backgrounds in web hosting, technology, and customer service, we feel that we can offer a service that is superior to many other hosting companies in the industry,” Christian claims. “We even offer a hassle-free thirty day money back guarantee. If somebody is unhappy with us, we’ll give them their money back without any question and wish them the best of luck in finding a hosting provider that is more suited to their needs.”

Website: http://www.boltwebhosting.com

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