Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Pace Work Technologies Offers Competitively Priced Web Hosting

Pace Work Technologies is a company that aims to increase customer satisfaction by providing website owners with easy and inexpensive solutions for setting up and managing as many websites as they need with full service and support.

Pace Work offers multiple hosting plans, starting from $3.98 Canadian dollars per month, which is an attractive price to those looking to get started with a website, as well as for those looking for a way to save on hosting fees without sacrificing service quality.

Though their prices are quite inexpensive, Pace Work does not skimp on quality and service, so customers don’t have to worry about repeated episodes of downtime with their websites.

In addition, Pace Work has worked to make their hosting website building accessible to all levels of webmasters, including those who are just getting started who may have limited technical experience. Pace work offers several pre-existing personal and business website templates that can be up and running live on the web in a matter of minutes.

Because there are no technical skills needed to set up a website on a Pace Work server, this hosting company has quickly attracted attention from small business owners and web entrepreneurs, as well as those who simply want to host a hobby website site to display photography or keep in touch with family members.

Pace work also offers website owners the opportunity to choose the location of the servers where they choose to host their website. Although Pace Work’s headquarters are in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, they also own website servers in California, Sweden, Australia and the UK. This variety gives website owners more freedom about where their site will be hosted.

Existing website owners who need to transfer domains to Pace Work Technologies servers will be able to move multiple domains very quickly, without any hassle, because of Pace Work’s technical support and easy to understand domain transfer directions.

Finally, Pace Work Technologies has gone the extra mile to reach out to those who have had negative experiences with getting adequate customer support from other hosting companies. Pace Work is pleased to provide round the clock customer service and tech support, making it easy for their customers to get speedy answers at any time of the day or night.

About Pace work Technologies:
Pace Work Technologies is a website hosting company based in Vancouver, BC. Pace Work offers competitive prices for monthly hosting fees, starting at $3.98 Canadian dollars each month, and offers easy to use website templates that customers to can use to get professional looking business or personal sites online within minutes. In addition, Pace Work Technologies gives their customers 24/7 customer service and support for all technical issues.

For further information, please visit http://www.PaceWork.com

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