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Sybase Adaptive Server Users to See Enhanced Performance

Evolven Software Inc., the pioneer of Granular Configuration Automation solutions, today announced their support for Sybase Adaptive Server. Evolven will enable customers to achieve greater visibility into the granular configuration information of Sybase Adaptive Server’s application infrastructure which can affect the availability and performance of IT environments where Sybase Adaptive Server is running.

Sybase Adaptive Server is Sybase Corporation’s (an SAP AG company) flagship enterprise-class relational model database server. Sybase Adaptive Server is predominantly used on the Unix platform, and is also available for Windows. The Sybase Adaptive Server features include patented encryption, partitioning technology, patent-pending query technology and continuous availability in clustered environments.

Demanding IT environments employ Sybase Adaptive Server for activities comprising millions of transactions per minute in terabyte-sized databases, that are experiencing rapid growth rates in data and transaction volume. Availability and performance of Sybase Adaptive Server in the IT environment is critical for providing effective business service.

With a unique ability to track the configuration parameters and detect changes and differences, no matter how minute, for Sybase Adaptive Server, Evolven Comparison allows IT professionals to:

Reduce production outage risk: Increase stability of releases and detect unauthorized changes to prevent outages and high impact incidents

Minimize system downtime: Quickly pinpoint to an incident’s root-cause and cut time to repair

Enhance security & compliance: Leverage granular visibility and audit-trail to meet demanding security and compliance requirements

The configuration parameters of Sybase Adaptive Server are critical for providing effective business service. Accurately managing the configuration of Sybase Adaptive Server is not an easy task considering the complexity of Sybase Adaptive Server and the numerous configuration parameters involved with Sybase Adaptive Server. Sybase Adaptive Server includes thousands of different configuration parameters in which the misconfiguration or disregard of a single configuration setting can cause an incident with major impact on the entire IT environment and business service.

Evolven Comparison discovers granular configuration information for Sybase Adaptive Server. Evolven Comparison’s unique Comparison Engine™ includes a set of technologies that deliver clear, definitive configuration information related to Sybase Adaptive Server, highlighting the critical root cause and its impact, allowing IT professionals to focus on what matters most.

Today’s modern business systems include interdependent layers of applications and infrastructure, and focusing on only one configuration or a small set leaves room for error, and ignores critical context and interdependencies. The Evolven Granular Configuration Automation solution, Evolven Comparison, focuses on the entire environment in order to ensure a stable business service that meets agreed to service levels.

Evolven Comparison analyzes and classifies configuration changes and differences, by their impact, for Sybase Adaptive Server. Then Evolven Comparison prioritizes and highlights the changes and differences discovered in Sybase Adaptive Server based on criticality, visually presenting the comparison results for fast and easy analysis. Insignificant changes and differences are ignored. Evolven Comparison even makes effective comparisons for Sybase Adaptive Server Configurations of inherently different environments (e.g. test vs. production).

About Evolven
Evolven is pioneering the new growing field of Granular Configuration Automation, which focuses on the visibility and control of IT environment configuration and content at the most granular level. IT teams apply this approach to reduce risk to stability, security and compliance of their physical, virtual or cloud-based IT environments.

Evolven is a privately held, venture backed company headquartered in the U.S., with a presence in the US, Europe and the Middle East and a development center in Israel. Evolven’s executive team and advisory board include world-renowned experts from the world of IT management and enterprise software. Evolven’s investors are the leading venture capital firms: Pitango Venture Capital and Index Ventures.

Learn more about Evolven at www.evolven.com

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