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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Interim Housing Solutions Announces its Eighth Year in Business

Interim Housing Solutions is celebrating its eighth year in business as the leading locator service for furnished rentals throughout the United States and Canada.

Interim Housing Solutions (IHS) was founded in 2002 by its President Jeffrey Smith who had the concept to create an online portal or website where individuals, corporations, consultants, government and military personnel, professional sports teams, entertainment industry, real estate related or anyone looking for a furnished apartment or corporate housing for thirty days or longer could find one place that was representative of a host of both local, regional and national temporary housing providers. “With a simple on line request, or a call to our toll free number, we will immediately put our clients request out for bid among our network of temporary housing providers” comments Smith. He goes on to say “within minutes in most cases, our clients start to receive pictures pricing and information based on their unique request from each furnished rental company who compete for their business. The corporate housing industry is not nearly as well branded as the extended stay market and most individuals do not have an idea who to reach out to or even how to find corporate housing on line. We take the guess work out of the equation.”

Over the past eight years, IHS placed tens of thousands into furnished rentals from DC to Miami to San Francisco and beyond Their clients range from past Presidents (IHS placed the previous Prime Minister of the Czech Repbulic), CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies to Health Care Professionals, Interns and Construction crews looking to place a team of workers in affordable housing. Most recently, IHS was successful in placing several Department of State families who were evacuated from Egypt in the Washington, DC metro area. Smith comments “One family traveled for over a day and a half from Egypt on several long and exhausting flights only to find themselves tasked with finding a place to stay for several months with two small kids in tow. Once they reached out to us, we had found them several options in the school district they wanted to be and they are now well situated”. Smith also recants stories of how IHS has been successful in securing furnished rentals for large groups. “Last year, we placed over forty Army Reservists in Des Moines for a year long stint. As you can imagine, they had a number of offers and after they had a chance to review all the options, they were able to make a very educated decision”. IHS has also worked with traveling theater groups in cities like Toronto, Boston, Minneapolis, Detroit and Los Angeles. Some of the traveling shows now provide IHS with their travel schedule so they can start securing options for housing in the next city they are traveling to.

Construction companies like using IHS for their new projects and often ask them to get price quotes while they bid on a contract for budgetary purposes. Their needs are typically unique and their price points are as well. IHS works with a number of temporary housing providers who specialize in meeting the needs of construction firms looking to secure housing for a group of workers.

IHS provides the same level of service to individuals who are traveling and unsure what options are available in any given market. Smith comments “We have bee in business for 8 years and our team has been in the corporate housing market for much longer than that as well. We know who the large temporary housing providers are, but we also pride ourselves in identifying the smaller, more regional companies who are specific to a geographic region. This insures our clients get an comprehensive list of options based on their unique request”.

Hunting for housing?
We match people looking for temporary housing with an extensive network of temporary housing providers.

We leverage our in-depth knowledge of both the industry and the available properties in major cities to generate for our customers the largest selection of temporary housing at the most competitive rates. Our search service is free because the housing companies pay our fees. They enjoy cost-saving benefits, and you get the best deals around.

Demand for temporary housing is growing. We know because we have been in the business for more than 20 years. The hardest part of the job is matching what people want with what is currently available. So we created IHS to provide an up-to-date inventory of temporary housing available in major U.S. cities coast-to-coast and throughout Canada. We are specialists at locating temporary housing. Our mission is to make it easy for corporations, small businesses and individuals to find exactly what they want with a single search.

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