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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

New Features for Amazon EC2 Networking

Amazon have announced a set of features that expand the power and value of the Virtual Private Cloud, describing this new collection of features as “virtual networking for Amazon EC2. You can now create a network topology in the AWS cloud that closely resembles the one in your physical data center including public, private, and DMZ subnets. Instead of dealing with cables, routers, and switches you can design and instantiate your network programmatically. You can use the AWS Management Console (including a slick new wizard), the command line tools, or the APIs. This means that you could store your entire network layout in abstract form, and then realize it on demand.”

New features include:
A new VPC Wizard to streamline the setup process for a new VPC.

Full control of network topology including subnets and routing.

Access controls at the subnet and instance level, including rules for outbound traffic.

Internet access via an Internet Gateway.

Elastic IP Addresses for EC2 instances within a VPC.

Support for Network Address Translation (NAT).

Option to create a VPC that does not have a VPN connection.

More info: http://aws.typepad.com/aws/2011/03/new-approach-amazon-ec2-networking.html

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