Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Future Hosting Launches International Cloud Delivery Network (CDN)

Future Hosting, an Internet solutions provider serving SMBs and enterprises internationally and developer of Future Engineer™, today announced the launch and deployment of its international Cloud Delivery Network (CDN), enabling clients to rapidly distribute content to website visitors in nearly any place in the world.
Through partnerships with upstream providers, Future Hosting’s CDN offers a physical presence in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, and Australia, and additional locations are planned. This unrivaled connectivity allows for low-latency, high throughput file transfers worldwide, and delivers failover protection and instant scalability.

“Our CDN opens a wide door of opportunity for our clients who need affordable, massively scalable, instant-on hosting infrastructure. Instead of paying for unused capacity, our CDN can be used as-needed, enabling our clients to capitalize on increases in Web traffic and be more efficient in the way they distribute data to website visitors. It especially translates into greater reliability and increased agility when transferring large media content,” said Future Hosting Chief Strategy Officer Stephen Kowalski.

All Future Hosting clients can add CDN-capability to their account. Clients can contact Future Hosting’s sales department to learn more about the service. Additional details are available at http://www.futurehosting.com/web-hosting/cloud-delivery-network-cdn.

Future Hosting is the developer of Future Engineer™, a technical support automation system designed to automate time consuming server configuration and repair tasks on Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Future Engineer™ allows clients to receive a greater level of technical support than is available when technicians spend their time performing routine or basic maintenance tasks. With Future Engineer™, technicians are free to spend their time offering a level of technical support that is unrivaled and otherwise unaffordable.

For more information about Future Hosting, please visit http://www.futurehosting.com

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