Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

SKGOLD Hosting Launches Video Tutorial Series‎

SKGOLD announce that the Canada web hosting company is in the midst of an massive project to release an extensive library of online video tutorials. According to Sergey Krongold, founder and CEO of SKGOLD™ Hosting, the release includes approximately 100 new files and is being implemented throughout the month of May to help customers utilize their web hosting accounts to the fullest.

“We believe the video tutorials are great tools for our clients, especially those who learn by watching and doing. Active learners can now browse through our list of video tutorials and follow along with the ones that are most applicable to each individual’s hosting account needs,” says Mr. Krongold.

The video tutorials are designed to help learners master a variety of tools and techniques and to maximize the value of their web hosting accounts at SKGOLD™ Hosting. The list of titles covers a wide range of topics, from subjects associated with the company’s SiteBuilder tools to assistance in using WordPress and webmail addresses to cPanel issues. Within each broad category, the videos focus on specific tasks. For example, included in the cPanel videos are instructions for logging in, creating an email account, and changing a cPanel password.

According to Mr. Krongold, an extensive, but not exhaustive, list of headings includes file transfer (FTP) topics; email-client applications; mobile email client applications; phpMyAdmin instruction; and a selection of titles that do not fall naturally into one of the other topics. “We want to put plenty of information out there so that our customers can handle their common web hosting tasks like the pros do.”

SKGOLD™ Hosting will continue to support their static online web hosting knowledgebase for customers who prefer reading to watching; the topics are very similar to the video tutorials. In addition, people who need assistance with a particular question or task can submit a support ticket to work with the Help Desk.

For more information on SKGOLD™ Hosting and to view a complete menu of video tutorials, visit: www.skgoldhosting.com/web-hosting-video-tutorials.html

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