Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

GalaxyVisions Web Hosting Revamps Dedicated Server Offerings

GalaxyVisions, a managed web hosting, dedicated server hosting and shared web services provider announced today its revamped Dedicated Server product line to the public now allowing them to completely customize the entire purchase.

All of GalaxyVisions’ Dedicated plans have been updated and new hardware has been purchased allowing clients to maximize online potential. Pricing has also been lowered and more server specials have been added as they are known to have some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.

GalaxyVisions has attracted multiple customers transferring from Telco giants located at 111 8th Avenue, NYC due to rising hosting prices since Google’s purchase of ‘the world’s choicest pieces of Internet real estate’. GalaxyVisions premier location in Brooklyn, NY allows for quick and easy access for Manhattan based companies, while providing the lower rates of Brooklyn real estate.

With the new setup being implemented, customers have the option now of customizing 100% of their product purchase leaving nothing to be reconfigured after the order has been fulfilled. The customer starts from a bare bone configuration and builds their server from scratch allowing for total customization. Whether it is the CPU, Ram, Raid Set, Backup HDD’s, Control Panels, etc… the client now has the specific ability to build out exactly what they are looking for as each offering can be configured to the maximum specifications.

In the past month since GalaxyVisions has altered their pricing, clients have been complimenting them on the lower cost and intricate configurations they can now choose. Client Joe C. from Minnesota is quoted as saying “This saves a lot of time and effort for both parties. Previously when I would setup a new dedicated server with GalaxyVisions it would be configured, put online and then I would need to re-contact them to make them aware that I needed the HDD’s setup in a Raid10 set, with this new system when my order goes online, it is exactly how I need it configured thus saving time on my end and their end.”

GalaxyVisions strives to be on the cutting edge of not only technology, but world-class client services as well. “Pleasing the client is our number one objective at GalaxyVisions. If the client receives exactly what they want without any intervention from our staff and can get to work immediately that makes a happy customer. And a happy customer is one who will refer us to friends and family generating more business and ultimately better and more consumer friendly product offerings” explains Frank Marrapodi, Director of Datacenter Operations.

For more information about GalaxyVisions, please visit http://www.GalaxyVisions.com

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