Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

GlowHost Announces Cloud Services

GlowHost has announced it has started a line of cloud based web hosting servers oriented for small to mid-sized businesses.

GlowHost branded new solution as Cloud Virtual Dedicated Services. New company’s cloud web hosting solutions offer several noticeable benefits over traditional VPS or dedicated servers, including affordable price.
GlowHost new hybrid technology converts a typical VPS server into a high availability, cloud based, virtual machine server cluster.

“Our new Cloud VPS uses first class virtualization technology with a long track record of stability, security, and great reliability,” said Matt Lundstrom, GlowHost president and CEO. “In fact, it powers over than half of the world’s public clouds in service today. Not only can we provide greater computing capacity at a lower cost, but we can offer our customers a substantially greater level of control and scalability. Our prices and features can beat every one of our major competitors, and we are poised to remain a market leader in this emerging sector. It’s time to move away from older generations of hosting technology, because the business case for those technologies has vanished.”

All our cloud based VPS plans include allocated resources including CPU, RAM, and data storage resource allotments, with instant scalability available in the event of usage spikes.

Data is completely protected by redundancy on multiple Storage Area Networks, and all GlowHost web hosting servers receive power from two completely independent electric grid sources.

All clients can also completely customize their cloud hosting servers, including selecting from over than 30 different OS templates including popular Linux variations, BSD and Windows operational systems.
All cloud clients are also provided with rebootless unique kernel updates ensuring even higher website uptime.

GlowHost web hosting offers cloud hosting services from $75 per month for completely managed solution with a range of various features and benefits.


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