Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Future Hosting Opens New London Data Center

Future Hosting, an Internet solutions provider serving SMBs and enterprises internationally and developer of Future Engineer™, thas opened its second data center in London, a move that adds capacity and enables the company to serve customers with more advanced requirements.

The new facility, which is located just outside the city, provides substantially greater access to IP transit providers and offers additional redundant infrastructure to minimize chances of downtime. Additionally, the new facility will provide Future Hosting with far greater control over its network infrastructure and enable it to deploy new technologies and services.
“Our presence in London remains essential to the expansion of our global operations. As a key interchange between North America and Europe, London provides our international clients with access to the high-performance fiber they need to reach users around the world. By transitioning to a second facility in London, we are able to deliver on significantly higher performance standards and improve stability. This is a sizeable investment, but we believe the benefits are tremendous,” said Future Hosting CEO Vik Patel.

Future Hosting has already begun deploying servers in the new facility. Eventually, all clients will be migrated to the new facility. New customers will all be placed in the new facility.

In June, Future Hosting expanded features on its Cloud Delivery Network (CDN). Through partnerships with upstream providers, Future Hosting’s CDN offers a physical presence in North America, Europe, South America, and Australia, and additional locations are planned, including in the Middle East. This unrivaled connectivity allows for low-latency, high throughput file transfers worldwide, and delivers failover protection and instant scalability.
Future Hosting is the developer of Future Engineer™, a technical support automation system designed to automate time consuming server configuration and repair tasks on Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Future Engineer™ allows clients to receive a greater level of technical support than is available when technicians spend their time performing routine or basic maintenance tasks. With Future Engineer™, technicians are free to spend their time offering a level of technical support that is unrivaled and otherwise unaffordable.

For more information about Future Hosting, please visit http://www.futurehosting.com

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