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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Rochen Joomla Video Install Guides at Joomla Hosting Reviews

http://www.joomlahostingreviews.com has just announced the publishing of their custom install guides for Rochen. These guides cover installing Joomla using the built-in web installer, Fantastico 1-Click installer, and the brand new, Joomla Utilities, built by Rochen.

Each guide includes both step-by-step documentation with screenshots and a video showing a real time Joomla installation with detailed narration. The videos are also available at YouTube. For those not familiar with hosting Joomla at Rochen here is a Rochen Hosting Review. (http://goo.gl/jY4bI)
Since Joomla is a database driven web application, installation can be the most challenging part of creating a successful website. People see installing Joomla as a complex task and it scares them away from it. While monitoring the Joomla community, Joomla Hosting Reviews saw the need for a set of reliable, easy to follow install guides. These guides have been put under analytical scrutiny to ensure the ease and simplicity is present in this documentation.

There are three methods of installing Joomla at Rochen, the built-in Joomla web installer, the Fantastico one-click installer, and Rochen’s own, Joomla Utilities.

The built-in web installer is the basic method to Install Joomla at Rochen. (http://goo.gl/T0BZD) Their guide provides all the steps needed for downloading Joomla, configuring the server and going through the web install. If people prefer to watch a video, there is one provided. Joomla Hosting Reviews also created this video install guide which walks them through a Joomla install from start to finish complete with detailed instructions and additional information.

Rochen built a great Joomla management area into their control panel which makes working with Joomla a breeze. Install Joomla at Rochen using Joomla Utilites by loging into cPanel and clicking the Joomla Utilites button to get started. Following the guide is very simple and it covers the main aspects of the installation.
Fantastico is a third party one-click installer. The Fantastico Rochen Joomla Install guide describes step-by step instructions. Fantastico provides installation support for many different web applications including Joomla.

Steven Johnson, Site Administrator for Joomla Hosting Reviews said, “We saw the need for detailed guides and videos and invested the time and effort to create detailed, easy-to-use tutorials that cover all essential points of a Joomla installation. We are hoping the Joomla web hosting community will be much better off because of this work.” Joomla Hosting Reviews has a long standing relationship with the Joomla community and a lot of it is experience in installing Joomla at different web hosts, “It (installing Joomla) has become better over the years, but the fundamentals are the same. We try to help the average person understand databases and directories in Joomla.”

About Joomla Hosting Reviews — Joomla Hosting Reviews, established in 2005, is owned and managed by Intown Web Design of Atlanta, GA. The site was created as a place for Joomla Users to post reviews and learn about the best joomla hosting companies. They are not related in any way with the Official Joomla Project or Rochen hosting. It is a website that brings hosting, server information, and help to the Joomla community. For more information: http://twitter.com/jhostingreviews

About Intown Web Design (http://www.intownwebdesign.com) — Intown Web Design, located in Atlanta, Ga, is a web design and development firm with a focus on creating functional websites for business. Clients range from startups to corporations traded on the NYSE. Founded in 2007, with a specialty in open source technologies including PHP, Joomla and WordPress. They have continued to expand their expertise into improving site performance, usability and search engine rankings. For more information: http://twitter.com/intownwebdesign

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