Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

HostDime Expands VPS Web Hosting

HostDime.com, Inc., has recently expanded its hosting services throughout their international network by offering new Xen-based Windows VPS plans from their UK and Mexico data centers. This development comes at the tail end of the company’s recent data center expansion announcement that was released last month.

The executives of HostDime know that these additional international services will help establish their presence as a leading global hosting provider. For Manny Vivar, HostDime’s VP of Global Operations, these bonus amenities are an important part of becoming a prominent international web host. He said the company is determined to appeal to a broader audience.

“Expanding the wide array of hosting options we offer in our international locations is an example of our continued commitment to becoming a leader in fully managed web hosting on a global scale,” Vivar said. “At HostDime, we make it our business to commit to the needs of our customers.”

Because of their custom built client management software, the company is able to provide these new services to any client regardless of their origin or nationality. HostDime will be able to bill clients by using their local currency – whether it is pounds, pesos, or dollars – and will also offer 24/7 support in both Spanish and English.

The new Windows VPS plans come pre-installed with Windows 2008 Server Standard and will start with a sizable amount of account resources. Clients will also have the ability to add the Parallels Plesk 10 control panel. Each control panel offers unlimited domains and features Parallels Power Pack for an extra value added service. In addition to the new international VPS locations, HostDime will also be offering Windows VPS accounts under their esteemed US-based HDVPS brand.

Vivar said he is believes the HDVPS brand has quite a lot to offer.

“The HDVPS brand is reserved for services that come completely unmanaged and can therefore be sold at much more competitive rates,” he said. “The brand was created to appeal to a specific type of client that does not require our fully managed services, but instead prefers an isolated hosting space on one of our enterprise-level server nodes.”

HostDime.com, Inc. offers managed services including web hosting, Virtual Private Server hosting and co-location. HostDime.com, Inc. was founded in 2001 and has over 250 employees in seven countries. Presently ranked among the top 50 hosts in the world, HostDime.com, Inc. hosts over 2,000,000 domains, and has a focus on reliable, high quality hosting with exceptional support.

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