Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Fatcow Web Hosting Available With IM Cash Saver Service

San Diego, CA based IM Cash Saver have announced that Fatcow Web Hosting is now available via their website.

One of the most important services that any internet marketer needs is a web hosting provider. Especially because of the investment that they have to put into internet marketing tools, it can be a very costly marketing a website, and so cheap web hosting is a priority. Internet marketers need not worry though as Fatcow Web Hosting can be bought at a cut price deal with IM Cash Saver.

Fatcow Web Hosting was set up in 1998 with one purpose, to offer a simpler alternative solution to people’s web hosting needs. They felt that web hosting especially had become overly complicated for users and so they introduced two basic web hosting plans. One comprehensive hosting plan and another called MiniMoo designed for those who were looking to start up a website for the first time. It really is for people who don’t have a lot of knowledge or experience with web hosting services or web hosting solutions.

Fatcow is therefore an ideal partner for internet marketers who need a simple, straightforward option to set up websites quickly, and that is why IM Cashsaver has given internet marketers the opportunity to buy the service, and with an exclusive discount of 56% off their regular prices.

President of IM Cash Saver, Paul Hannam, claims that “Fatcow have proven again and again that they are an excellent, reliable web hosting supplier.”

IM Cash Saver is free to register so internet marketers can gain access to the lowest prices as well as free advice and reviews of internet marketing products and services. The site is online now and it offers its customers a unique service to help internet marketers save money on internet marketing tools, products and services.

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