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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Hostek.com Announces New PHP Version Switching Feature

Hostek.com, a provider of Windows web hosting, ColdFusion hosting, ASP.NET web hosting, and Linux hosting plans, announced today the addition of a new feature in the hosting company’s control panel that lets Windows hosting service users switch between PHP 5.2 hosting and PHP 5.3 hosting, at will. With the increased flexibility, Hostek.com’s new PHP version switch feature gives customers complete control over their PHP hosting applications.

“At Hostek.com, we realize there are many applications that require older versions of PHP and likewise, many that require the latest version of PHP to run properly,” says Brian Anderson, CEO at Hostek.com. “By giving our customers the ability to change PHP versions, we are satisfying their needs regarding a specific PHP version, without the hassle of having to change servers to get the PHP version they need. Additionally, we are excited to also announce for those PHP developers who want or need to be on the cutting edge of the latest technology, that on our newest servers we have added the ability to switch to the latest PHP 5.4 RC version and will be updating to the final release of PHP 5.4 when available.”

PHP is a server-side scripting language used to create and run dynamic web applications. PHP web hosting services can be used to deploy such software as WordPress or osCommerce to create the kind of database-driven content that not only attracts customers but also helps to encourage regular visits. PHP is a language that continues to change on a regular basis, with new versions being introduced regularly. As a result, some older web applications become incompatible with the latest PHP versions, while newer software depends on the very latest functionality. Hostek.com’s new PHP version switch tool allows customers to choose the version best suited to their needs.
“With many Windows web hosting solutions, customers find themselves locked-in to whichever PHP version their Windows hosting provider chooses,” says Anderson. “But not every customer is the same. Some aim to run the old software that they know and love, while others use applications dependent on new PHP enhancements. Our customers can now click the ‘PHP Settings’ button within their Windows Control Panel (WCP), and switch to PHP version 5.2.x or 5.3.x as needed. We have also taken this opportunity to make the creation of custom php.ini files easier, allowing Windows, ASP.NET, and ColdFusion web hosting customers to alter more advanced PHP settings.”

As a configuration file that holds the core settings for a PHP web hosting service, php.ini remains, for the most part, invisible to the vast majority of users. Hostek.com has tailored the default php.ini file to suit most web applications, freeing PHP hosting customers to go about launching their web presence. However, on some occasions, certain applications may have specific PHP configuration requirements. Now, Hostek.com customers can use the Windows Control Panel to easily integrate their own php.ini file.

“Our support team routinely had to move sites to different servers to give our customers the PHP version they needed to run their applications, so we implemented the ability for our customers to have this control without having to change servers,” says Anderson. “At Hostek.com, we continuously work hard to put the tools in the customer’s hands that they need, while providing them with the support and new technologies they expect. That’s how we continue to offer the best hosting service possible, why new customers sign up with Hostek.com every day, and why our existing customers are incredibly happy with their choice.”

Although Hostek.com has grown to be a well-respected leader in the world of shared hosting services, the firm routinely evaluates and assesses its service range to identify improvements that would benefit customers the most. The new additions of PHP version switching on Windows hosting plans and custom php.ini creation mark the company’s continued commitment to offering the most versatile and flexible web hosting services in the industry.
Customers who would like to learn more about Hostek.com and their range of Windows web hosting services are encouraged to visit hostek.com for more details.

About Hostek.com
Hostek.com has been providing industry-leading web hosting solutions to businesses and individuals since 1998. With an SAS 70 Type II Certified data center, cutting edge products, and a dedicated support team, Hostek.com provides hosting services to over 50,000 sites. Hostek.com’s services range from shared, reseller and VPS offerings for ColdFusion hosting, Windows/ASP.NET hosting, and Linux web hosting and domain registration. Recognizing that customer service is a number one priority, Hostek.com tailors hosting services to meet the specific needs of each individual client, ensuring that customers have the best overall hosting value available.
To learn more about Hostek.com, visit http://hostek.com/

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