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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

DOT Registry Applies for Four New Generic Top Level Domains

DOT Registry, LLC has pledged their commitment to the business community in the United States by applying for four new community based gTLDs through the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). DOT Registry is applying for .INC, .LLC, .LLP and, .CORP which they plan to use specifically to represent registered US businesses.

Community based gTLDs are designed to service a defined group, with registration parameters developed to protect the integrity of the given community. DOT Registry will provide registered US Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Limited Liability Partnerships with gTLDs representative of their business entity registrations.

DOT Registry CEO Shaul Jolles states that, “ It is our goal to create increased integrity for business representation online by developing gTLDs that represent specific business entity classifications. Through our corporate gTLD strings we will work to decrease the possibility of identity misrepresentation in a cyber setting and assist small to medium size businesses in legitimizing their services online.”

DOT Registry worked closely with many Secretary of State’s offices to develop their registration policies, which call for transparency in reporting and annual verification. Additionally, securing support letters from these Secretary of State’s offices in order to affirm the necessity of restrictions surrounding the strings LLC, INC, LLP and CORP. DOT Registry was informed by the position of the National Association of Secretary of States Business Services Committee in regards to business identity theft in a cyber setting and has taken a position similar to that described in NASS’s White Paper in regards to the importance of accurately representing businesses online.

In a March 20, 2012 letter to ICANN the Secretary of State of Delaware, Jeffrey W. Bullock whom protects the integrity of Delaware’s legal entity registration system, which is home to nearly one million legal entities and 63% of Fortune 500 companies indicated that, “it is absolutely critical that if ICANN determines to grant such name extensions (. INC, .LLC, .CORP) … that it does so in a restricted manner that is intended to protect consumers and the community of interest that exists among validly registered US companies,” he further indicated that “at minimum, any approval for company ending strings be restricted in such a way that reasonably assures that the legal entity is, in fact, an active and validly registered legal entity in the United States, as DOT Registry LLC has proposed within its application.”

Jolles indicates that his, “team has worked tirelessly to develop guidelines that will be both user friendly and allow our registrars to appropriately determine if an applicant is in fact a registered US business. Over the last six months we have created strong partnerships with the leading corporate registration companies in order to have the most efficient and credible registration process possible. As a corporate affiliate of the National Organization of Secretary of States (NASS), we feel an acute sense of responsibility to uphold our company’s mission and guidelines in order to deliver a strong product and we are excited to participate in this newest evolution of the Internet.”