Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Asia Web Services announces Cloud Hosting

Asia Web Services has launched a new scalable cloud platform with hourly billing. Through this newly introduced cloud billing, subscribers will now be able to keep a tab on their cloud expenses effectively as well as configure and customize their virtual machine in a number of ways. This novel approach will stage VPS Hosting HK as one of the leading hosting providers for hourly cloud billing services in Hongkong and Asia. The billing system is definitely going to be a great advantage for companies across Hongkong and China.

VPS Hosting HK cloud can work as a stand-alone solution for using API to integrate with solution providers to make your online business successful.

“The billing system offers our clients an affordable cloud hosting solution, that allows them to focus on building their enterprises by automating many time consuming tasks,” said Vps Hosting Director, Nikhil Agarwal. He added, “With VPS hosting cloud servers, you can spin up multiple servers within seconds and because you can always delete them when not in use, you pay for what you use on an hourly basis”.

“We are very excited to be working with hourly billing Cloud Hosting. That’s undoubtedly the big thing right now. After a thorough marketing analysis of business needs, we came to a conclusion that a majority of them required flexibility in billing and control on customization and scalability. Hence, we came up with the offerings of hourly cloud billing and custom configuration. We’ve also re-vamped our existing infrastructure by introducing a brand new Cloud infrastructure that manages the seamless billing system”.

Getting started with hourly billing cloud server is easy. Subscribers can simply open their account online with the website and get server ready in seconds.

This promising service will also help subscribers create cluster with multiple cloud servers for load balancing and high-availability.

About Asia Web Services

Asia Web Services (VPS Hosting HK) operates one of the largest cloud hosting systems in Hongkong. It offers affordable cloud hosting to everyday users, while empowering enterprise users with the flexibility they need to scale adequately, and meeting their growing IT demands. Being more than half a decade in cloud hosting business, VPS Hosting HK is committed to providing secure and reliable services and products underpinned with excellent support. For more information about VPS, please visit http://www.vpshosting.com.hk.