Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Online-Storage.com Rebrands to SIO.CO

Provider of enterprise online storage solutions, online-storage.com, has fully rebranded its website to SIO.CO. The strategic move is intended to improve the company’s branding while at the same time driving more businesses in the long run. \”This move help to brand us as an easier-to-recognize player in the enterprise storage space,\” said, Stein Chu, chief sales engineer.

Smaller businesses looking to significantly decrease upfront capital expenditure are able to use SIO.CO’s commodity software on virtually any hardware appliance, including virtual machines, significantly eliminating the need to invest a large amount for an effective in-house backup and scalable online storage system.

In addition, SIO.CO provides a cloud-hosted version for pay-as-you-play volume demand and scaling needs for small enterprises. Advanced features of the company’s SAN + NAS online storage system include remote replication and thin provisioning. Such features allow for easier management and deployment of virtual desktops and internet application servers. As a complete solution, the software is a designed to be the industry first globally manageable virtual storage solution. Combining scalable performance economics with an easy to manage UX, makes the system desirable even to the IT generalist.

Thin and over-provisioning enables for volume and demand allocations without dedicating storage until it is essential. The software includes iSCSI support for 1 and 10GbE for Linux, Windows XP,7, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Hyper-V, VMWare ESX/ESXi, XenServer and Mac OSX.

The software is priced at an affordable rate, meaning even small five to ten server deployments can benefit from installing the proprietary software on virtual machines and dedicated appliances. As \”big data\” demands continue to expand the need and opportunity in online storage, SIO.CO, indicates it will be in active pursuit of the SMB market as a strategic bet for the future of cloud computing and online storage software applications. SIO.CO will quickly prove itself as a leader in middle-market, SMB-friendly web storage.

About SIO.CO

Formerly online-storage.com, SIO.CO is a provider of enterprise software and hardware solutions and consulting to middle-market IT operators. The company is privately held and is located in Seattle, WA.