Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

CoolHandle Web Hosting Launches Concierge Affiliate Service

CoolHandle Web Hosting has announced the launch of their premium Affiliate service, Concierge. Concierge by CoolHandle is a premium tailored Affiliate service which offers a complete suite of services targeted toward Affiliates and Internet marketers.

Concierge by CoolHandle was born from years of work within the Affiliate industry. Concierge allows Affiliate and Internet marketing professionals to focus on work, rather than focusing on the management of their outsourced vendors. Concierge by CoolHandle tailors to all the aspects of online marketing such as technology integration, customized software installers, merchant services, tuned hosting, colocation, customer services and more. Each service has been created and designed with online marketing in mind.
“We are thrilled to launch this new service for Affiliates and Internet marketers! After years of working with Internet marketers, we have seen the issues that outsourcing has caused and want to alleviate those deficiencies so our clients can do what they do best!” Marketing Director, Ryan Morris, states.

For more information about Concierge by CoolHandle, please visit http://concierge.coolhandle.com.