Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Cloud.bg A New European Cloud Hosting Provider Launched

Cloud.bg, a fully featured Cloud Hosting service ( http://www.cloud.bg ) has been launched in Bulgaria, one of the newest members of the European Union, country with rapidly growing IT hosting industry. The service which is available through the local Bulgarian web site www.cloud.bg is a standards based cloud, delivered from a fully redundant and scalable clustered architecture built on Red Hat Cluster Suite ( http://www.redhat.com/cluster_suite/ ) and on Fuscan LBC ( http://www.fuscan.com), a Cloud Hosting Automation platform of the U.S. software producer SingleOS. The Fuscan LBC, the platform used by Cloud.bg to automate the web hosting cloud debuted last year as Silver sponsor of HostingCon 2009, the largest conference and expo in the hosting industry.

The new Bulgarian Cloud hosts its infrastructure in the local facility of Interoute (Interoute.com), a UK data center solutions provider, which operates 59 data centers and fiber optic network of twelve rings connecting 93 cities in 26 countries.

Fully redundant, scalable Cloud hosting that runs cPanel/WHM

Cloud.bg operates its own fully redundant network which uses Internet connectivity providers such as Interoute, Cogent plus few other international and local providers of premium bandwidth. The cloud hosting service of the company features 100 GB of space in a storage area network, 1,000 GB data transfer per month and allows site owners to host up to 100 personal and small-business websites. However the main advantage of the Cloud.bg is that it is a cPanel Cloud Hosting service and brings cPanel / WHM the most popular web hosting control panel and web hosting manager on the cloud.

“I think that we are probably the first hosting provider in Europe to use cPanel/WHM to deliver web hosting services from the cloud. Thanks to Fuscan LBC, a unique Cloud platform of SingleOS we have managed to automate our clustered server infrastructure we have built in 2009 and to launch fully featured cPanel based on cloud hosting service”, said Dimitar Avramov, the CEO of the Cloud.bg. He added that his development team appreciates a lot the support of cPanel Inc. (cpanel.net). “They have been very helpful and co-operative in the process of integrating cPanel/WHM control panel on the cloud”, adds Mr. Avramov.

Cloud Hosting that works good for all European users

Although the hosting service of Cloud.bg is aimed to serve mostly the local Bulgarian market, the company has tested the connectivity of its infrastructure from different point in Europe and shared the results.

The average round-trip delay (RTT) time for European home users who ping Cloud.bg ranges from 10 ms to 60 ms. Pinged from London Cloud.bg is reachable for 47 ms, from Ljubljana, Slovenia – 35 ms, from Paris – 71 ms, from Madrid – 77, from Berlin – 47 ms, from Sofia, Bulgaria – 1.5 ms, etc. The average RTT for Israel is 97 ms.

The Cloud.bg hosting service has passed 45 days test period which began in December 2009. During the test period the cloud platform has operated in beta version and was tested by 200 owners of high traffic websites including e-commerce websites, publisher of video content and public utility service providers with hundred thousands of customers. The front end of the Cloud.bg hosting service platform is build on MODx CMS ( http://www.modxcms.com ) and framework.

About Cloud.bg
Cloud.bg is a registered trademark under Bulgarian and European law. The company operates from Sofia, Bulgaria and is subsidiary or FColor.bg ( http://www.fcolor.bg ) the Bulgaria’s longest running hosting provider and one of the major web hosts in the country. Cloud.bg can be reached at +359 2 491 8001 or through company’s corporate website.

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