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Armarac™ – Revolutionary 19″ rack technology

Escalating electricity costs in the datacenter, and concerns about energy efficiency, get to pole position in Gartner’s list of the most important IT topics.
Armarac leads the field with a revolution in equipment mounting and enclosure which reduces costs by increasing efficiency.

Armarac enclosures are compact, wall-mounted rack systems which provide a secure, damage-resistant environment for computer, networking, and communications equipment. Equipment is housed vertically in the unique patented Vertiblade™ mounting system.

The Armarac is significantly more power efficient and cost effective than building a separate air conditioned room. Models include forced air cooling, positive air pressure with filters, or sealed closed cycle self-evaporating air-conditioning. These provide energy efficiency as well as an attractive exterior.

In the era of ‘cloud computing’ and virtualization, technology providers offer IT services without their customers having to operate their own data centers, and only a compact solution for infrastructure is needed. The Armarac is the perfect IT security solution for computer networks, communications and surveillance systems. Armarac solves space, security and environmental challenges for any sensitive infrastructure equipment.

Place the Armarac in offices, factories, schools, hospitals, outside, in dusty environments or in historic buildings. There is an Armarac configuration for every need.

Thureon, the New Zealand inventor, manufacturer and marketer of the Armarac, will be exhibiting on its own stand for the first time at CeBIT 2010. Team members from England and Germany will demonstrate the practical design of the Armarac.
Visit Thureon at CeBIT in Hall 12, Stand C50/1 to see the live Armarac demonstration!

For more information contact:
Germany +49 (0) 521 95969 007
NZ telephone +64 (9) 970 8655
UK +44 (0) 7515 563 967
USA +1 (949) 542-4784
[email protected]

About Thureon:
Thureon designs, manufactures and markets the Armarac™, a revolutionary wall-mounted 19-inch device enclosure. The Armarac provides modern design with space saving, security, environmental and cost benefits for new and existing installations. A range of models include forced air cooling, filtration, and fully-sealed air-conditioned units for outside applications. Thureon is based in New Zealand, with its own international representation for sales and support. The Armarac is available direct from Thureon or from a worldwide network of resellers.

Thureon Limited
PO Box 109703, Newmarket Auckland 1149, New Zealand
1J Henry Rose Place, Albany North Shore 0632, New Zealand
Presscontact: [email protected]

Thureon International
Postfach 12 01 66
33651 Bielefeld
Presscontact: [email protected]

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