Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

DiscountASP.NET Launches SQL Server Profiling as a Service

DiscountASP.NET, a global leader in Windows hosting, announces enhancing their SQL Server hosting with the launch of SQL Server Profiling as a service.

SQL Profiler is a powerful tool that allows the application and database developer to troubleshoot general SQL locking problems, performance issues, and perform database tuning. The SQL Profiler captures all of the SQL queries and the CPU/IO usage associated with a statement that is issued to the database.

“While many SQL development issues can be diagnosed on the customer’s development environment, there are issues that only crop up in a production environment and perhaps only at a specific time of the day. These issues can be very difficult to troubleshoot,” said Takeshi Eto, VP Marketing and Business Development at DiscountASP.NET. “With our new SQL Profiling as a Service, customers can schedule a database trace at a specific time of their choosing, offering a new way to help our customers troubleshoot.”
DiscountASP.NET customers can request a standard trace to be run at a specific time and the trace file will be made available for download. The customer can then analyze the trace file using SQL Profiler or Database Tuning Adviser on their local computer.

About DiscountASP.NET
DiscountASP.NET is an innovative global leader in Microsoft Windows hosting, focused on providing the best value in ASP.NET hosting and SQL Server database hosting. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, DiscountASP.NET was one of the first hosting providers to offer SQL 2008 hosting and SQL 2005 hosting. Through strong word-of-mouth and their commitment to ASP.NET and SQL Server technology, DiscountASP.NET has become the choice for affordable enterprise-class ASP.NET web hosting. For more information, visit http://www.DiscountASP.NET

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