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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Glide OS GDrive Provides a Private Cloud Storage Alternative to Google Docs With 30GBs of Free Storage

Glide OS announced a new privacy umbrella policy to protect your personal data not only when it is stored but also when it is shared or published from your Glide GDrive. Your personal data is not used or shared with third parties for the purposes of targeted advertising.
Glide OS strives to solve the pervasive problem of a lack of online privacy by offering GDrive, an online storage solution for your data designed with the purpose of providing autonomy in the Glide cloud service similar to what you enjoy offline on your personal computer hard drive.

“Consumers are moving more of their files and information to cloud storage solutions. While users have gained ease of access, they have sacrificed significant personal privacy with certain leading service providers,” said TransMedia Chairman and CEO, Donald Leka. “All of Glide’s privacy settings are defaulted to private and there is no data mining or sharing of any of your personal information with third parties in any of Glide’s services.”

Glide supports, Google Search, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo Search, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, Gmail, Microsoft Live (Hotmail), MobileMe Email (.Mac), Yahoo Mail, AOL among other popular web services.

Glide OS:



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