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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Pickaweb Shows the Way Forward for Hosting Industry

“We sell success” stated Tony Messer, Pickaweb CEO at the recent launch of Pickaweb´s TopWebPromote Service. With the launch of this service the UK focused domain & hosting specialists believe that they have identified the perfect service for their customers. “We want our customers to succeed” stated Messer “this tool offers us the perfect opportunity to develop a life long relationship with our customers based on mutual success”.

So how does the service work? Pickaweb are pioneers of the UK web hosting market & they wanted to share their inside secrets of success with their clients & potential clients. Anyone can sign up online & start the course immediately & users are provided with a month long free trial where they are delivered Video tutorials directly to the inbox at weekly intervals. The Videos explain the key fundamentals which must be in place for a website to be search friendly.

The course starts off explaining what Pickaweb have termed their “5 Key Strategies for Online Success”. During the free month customers then learn how to identify their best keywords, how to include them in their websites meta tags & web copy. They are shown examples of well optimised text & the month ends with the customer understanding how to submit their site correctly to the major search engines, Google included.

From this point on the service is chargeable, but, we are assured at a reasonable cost. “The object of the course is to provide a clear & coherent web strategy that anyone can implement”, continued Messer. “There is so much mystery & mis-information out there & we want to provide our customers with a clear & dynamic road plan which will significantly impact our customer´s online profitability”.

The course is more than just a set of Search Engine Optimization tutorials though. “We are effectively like an Online Mentor. Users are taken on a journey covering topics including copywriting, website layout, link building, follow up marketing, Pay per Click, blogging, social media & much more” claims Messer.

So how did the service arise? “We listen to our customers & prospects & one question that keeps cropping up is; “How do I build a successful website?” Our aim is to show our customers how to do this. After all, if our customers learn the inside track then they are far more likely to stay with us”.

So, maybe it is more of a customer retention tool? “Exactly” he continues. “Not only to retain customers, but to gain new ones. Most hosting companies tend to approach the service from a technical persepctive. We aim to change the sales angle from bits, bytes, back ups & all the rest to one which is much more focused on helping our customers to succeed on the web. All decent hosting companies can put ticks in the technology boxes: 24*7 support – tick, secure datacentre – tick, back up generators – tick, PHP, MySQL – tick. Now there is a new one to add to the list: Successful online business – tick.”

“We are the only hosting company offering this approach & we believe that this marks a turning point from technology focused hosting to a more marketing driven approach. The initial response from our customers is phenomenal & the take up has been amazing” concludes Messer.

Does this mean that Pickaweb is moving wholesale into SEO territory. “Not at all” claims Messer. “SEO tends to be too, dare I say it, esoteric for many of our customers – they feel intimidated by the jargon & the vocabulary involved. We know the profile of our customer base & the vast majority are small to medium sized businesses. We have tailored the course in a language that they can understand. We introduce the same concepts but do it in such a way that they can easily understand, follow & implement them. They want a trusted partner who can show them a clear path & save them running down blind alleys. The other great advantage that we offer over traditional SEO approaches is that we cover more than just SEO. Not only do we want to show our customers how to get to the top, but we want to show them what to do when they are there so that they can convert that stream of traffic into paying customers. At the end maybe they will want to use an SEO consultant but at least by that point they will be able to make an informed decision on their requirements.”

“Ultimately” he concludes, “It is a perfect match. We have a massive customer base of small businesses eager to succeed on the net. We have a track record of continued success & we can share that with them. We get to develop valuable value added services for our business & we help our customers to succeed online. Ultimately the course is an investment for our clients rather than a cost.”

Hosting world look out: This could be the future for the web hosting industry!

To view the service in action & to sign up, just visit http://www.pickaweb.co.uk/web-marketing.htm

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