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Vodien Internet Solutions Ensures Zero Loss of Emails

Storing, managing and archiving emails can be quite a hassle sometimes; especially if one is running a business which simply hinges on digital and electronic communication. Massive inbox piles, overloaded servers, virus attacks and global computer meltdowns – these are some of the problems that can come about when dealing with emails. How to best protect against slow responses and the dreaded ‘wipe-out’ – seeing all emails disappear? Vodien Internet Solutions, a web hosting company has come up with its own solution to the problem; a ‘Singapore Email Archive Solution’ which utilises advanced technology to make the act of storing important emails as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

Vodien Internet Solutions recognises the problem. To manually archive emails is a gargantuan task that is going to take up plenty of time and effort. As a web hosting provider, they recognised that emails play a large part in online business. Something was needed to create a system where emails could be quickly, safely and easily stored and retrieved if anything happened.

“We turned to technology to facilitate and inspire a solution. We managed to build and programme a system that automates email archival and recovery at any level and volume,” John Jervis, a partner in Vodien Internet Solution quips.
With the system, all email integrity is preserved. Nothing is modified or coded during the process and they are kept in their original conditions retrieval at any time. Vodien also recognised the need for a search function in the archive database – as some of their website hosting subscribers have very large volumes of emails that they might need to retrieve.

One would think that such a technological add on to website hosting needs is going to hurt the pocket, but surprisingly, according to the boys over at Vodien Internet Solutions, the email archive programme is relatively inexpensive to use. In fact, it will only bill the end user for how much they use the service, making it an all round flexible and fair system for all.

“I think in the end of the day, we have to think for the customer. This sort of security is an added necessity, and we want to make as affordable as possible.” John continues.

This is the kind of attitude that has been rampant within the working culture of Vodien since the Singapore web hosting company was established. Putting their consumer on their fore front has been part of their working business model. Their repertoire of services include web, email and business hosting; vps hosting ,domain registration and of course, the email archival solution which details can be found at http://www.vodien.com/singapore-email-archive-solutions.php. Being in the industry for a long time, Vodien truly understand the consumer mind map, and services like the ‘Singapore Email Archival Solution’ is a sterling example of this.

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