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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Vodien Internet Solutions Gets Site Sentry Software

Vodien Internet Solutions own ‘Secure Web Hosting Site Sentry’ means you will never have a problem with hackers – ever!

One of the risks of going online and setting up a website is that you are left open to attack by hackers. Most of the time, the alert will only know after the dust has settled – which means a total site closure, or parts of the website being compromised. Well, Vodien Internet Solutions (http://www.vodien.com)a Singapore web hosting company has decided to put a stop to this delayed alert by inventing a propriety software tool that quickly alerts all users and administrators if there is any suspicious activity going about in the digital realm.

Too late can mean that critical data has been stolen away. Too late can also mean a loss of some or all of its functionality. This is something that should be avoided, and Vodien Internet Solutions recognises the problem.

“We wanted to give our customers piece of mind. In fact, we are quite familiar with this problem, and it is always a mad rush to trace to problem, squash it and reset everything. Sometimes we have to upload a backup of the website, which means that all the latest updates and changes can be lost – and that is just unacceptable,” John Jervis of Vodien Internet Solutions tells.

The problem has always been the delay between someone noticing something is wrong, or the various anti-virus and anti-malware softwares finally kicking in during a scheduled scan. It could even go unnoticed for days till a customer complained – which, in the world of business, is way too late.

Developed under the supervision of Vodien Internet Solutions, Site Sentry adds that extra layer of protection to its web hosting solutions platform. What it does is detects files that have been changed on any website and compares it to a previous state. It will then email the administrator and owner of the website with a list of files that have been tampered with, or are missing. Daily email alerts mean that one will know quickly if something or someone had illegally breached the security of the website.CLick here to read more http://www.vodien.com/best-web-hosting.php

Vodien is the first Singapore web hosting (http://www.vodien.com/singapore-web-hosting.php) company to offer this innovative feature. It is a step in the right direction from simple base line services offered by web hosting companies, migrating to more complex and cutting edge support that clients need. This marks the beginning of an evolution for website hosting solutions in Singapore, with Vodien Intenret Solutions a few yards ahead of the pack.

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