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Gladinet Attaches Google Storage to File Servers and Desktops

Gladinet (http://www.gladinet.com), the Cloud Storage Access Platform company, has just unveiled support for the new Google Storage for Developers in its two products, Gladinet Cloud Desktop and Gladinet CloudAFS, allowing easy access to Google Storage from both desktops and file servers.

Google Storage for Developers was recently introduced at the Google I/O Conference. It offers scalable, high-bandwidth storage, with an easy-to-use RESTful API. And now Gladinet has delivered an innovative access platform for Google Storage. This platform is delivered via two products, Gladinet Cloud Desktop and Gladinet CloudAFS (Cloud Attached File Server). Cloud Desktop allows Google Storage to be mapped as a network drive on a user’s desktop while CloudAFS attaches Google Storage to a file server. Gladinet is working closely with Google Apps Authorized Resellers like Business Intelligence 101 (Bi101), to satisfy the needs of Google customers with these products. The products are also fully integrated with other major cloud storage services.

IT professionals and home users who need direct desktop access to Google Storage can use Gladinet Cloud Desktop. By mapping Google Storage as a secure virtual network drive, Gladinet Cloud Desktop enables users to seamlessly and quickly access, aggregate and backup to the cloud directly from Windows® Explorer.

IT professionals with storage expansion needs can now use Gladinet CloudAFS to attach Google Storage to their existing IT infrastructure, creating a cost effective multi-tiered storage solution with low migration impact and faster backup and restore times. These benefits come from using local storage as tier one for fast access and attaching cloud storage as tier two for unlimited pay-as-you-go storage. CloudAFS also provides CIFSNFS access to Google Storage with Active Directory integration and strong data encryption. Furthermore, the concurrent licensing model adopted by CloudAFS makes it very practical for group access scenarios.

“The benefits of Google Storage aren’t just for developers. Our products allow users or applications to leverage these benefits by attaching the storage directly to a file server or desktop. This provides a complete access solution which allows existing applications to access cloud storage as seamlessly as a local disk,” said Jerry Huang, CEO of Gladinet. “Whether the needs involve expanding storage space, replacing tape backup systems or supporting remote and local access scenarios, Gladinet has the answer.”

About Gladinet

Founded in 2008, Gladinet provides users the convenience of a network drive attached to cloud storage. Gladinet is changing the way small and medium-sized businesses access and use cloud storage through its widely accepted cloud storage access platform. Learn more at http://www.gladinet.com. Follow us at http://twitter.com/gladinet

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