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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

LogLogic Unveils Cloud Services for Partners and Hosting Providers

LogLogic®, the leader in security and log management, today unveiled its Cloud Services business model for service providers and announced the appointment of Nadir Gulzar as Vice President of Business Development and Cloud Services.

For the past year, LogLogic has been silently collaborating with service providers to implement cloud services solutions for enterprise customers. Capitalizing on the scalability and flexibility of LogLogic’s Open Log Management platform, LogLogic’s cloud solutions enable service providers to deal with the complexities of large-scale distributed log management and compliance reporting services.

Through a combination of physical and virtual log management appliances, LogLogic offers service providers a way to capture and analyze log data separately and securely for each enterprise customer, offering greater visibility and control, as well as, fulfilling the strict compliance requirements of PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISMA and others. Services are offered via utility pricing models hosted with virtual multi-tenant access for subscribers.

A recent survey found that financial services firms are avoiding cloud computing investment, in large part due to data security and transparency concerns. “There are three main concerns that every business has when they consider a move to the cloud: multi-tenancy, security and visibility into where their data lives and goes,” said Gulzar. “Log management plays a critical role in overcoming these concerns. Together with our service provider partners, we’ve developed a model that gives enterprise customers more visibility and control over their cloud-based infrastructure.”

The list of MSSP’s currently working with LogLogic’s solutions is a who’s-who of the Gartner Magic Quadrant and includes many household names, but more importantly, there’s growing support at the grass-roots level as providers begin to respond to the needs of their local communities.


“Helping clients meet PCI and HIPAA requirements, affordably, is major focus of our Secure managed hosting. The flexibility of LogLogic’s solution means we can scale to the needs of our customers without worrying about being adversely charged after-the-fact, and without compromising their security.” – Chris Drake, CEO and founder of FireHost.


“There isn’t a day that goes by without an executive session articulating their desire and concerns with moving to cloud services. Logging the cloud is a critical component to smoothing this transition, puts the client squarely in the driver’s seat with full visibility.” – Gordon Shevlin, Executive Vice President of Fishnet Security.


“LogLogic enables us to verify the PCI status of our managed commerce services platform with SAVVIS-hosted systems, so we can safely offer full payment card protections to our clients.” – Peter Osberg, SVP of IPCommerce.


“The addition of LogLogic as a Cloud-based Log Management business model has enabled us to be much more creative in servicing client needs. Our blended ‘platform-as-a-service and Cloud-based service’ approach enables us to deliver services that are designed specifically to address our clients’ unique requirements; being agent-less, as well as infrastructure and technology-neutral, allows our customers to rapidly deploy our services and achieve compliance initiatives quickly and cost-effectively.” – O’Grady Milner, CEO of NetBoundary.

In April LogLogic joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) to help establish and promote best practices for securing data in the cloud. “The shift to cloud computing is a serious responsibility. We have to establish a set of guidelines and protocols for security and visibility that codify what has been IT best-practice for years in the right companies. LogLogic’s vision is a key driver in that conversation,” said Jim Reavis, founder of the Cloud Security Alliance.

“LogLogic has demonstrated leadership in enterprise deployments, and with the obvious business benefits of cloud economics it’s important for us to drive security into this emerging business model, offering both logging of the cloud, logging inside the cloud, and logging to the cloud,” said CEO Guy Churchward. “Thanks to our ‘Cloud Busting’ approach, we are addressing the fear of cloud adoption and the part that security and transparency should play in allaying this fear.”

About LogLogic

LogLogic® (www.loglog.com) is the leader in log management and security event management solutions. More than 1,000 customers worldwide entrust their most sensitive log data to LogLogic’s award-winning products. For updates from the Company, visit the blog or follow LogLogic on Twitter. All trademarks mentioned in this press release are the property of their respective owners.

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