Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Monitis Announces Full Page Speed Test Tool

Monitis, the leading provider of the world’s greenest, all-in-one, Cloud-based network and application monitoring suite, today announced the launch of it’s latest revolutionary tool – the Full Page Test Tool. Now, within Monitis’ award-winning suite of tools, IT managers and Web masters can mimic the load times of real browsers in a virtual environment, thereby enabling a full understanding of a given page’s performance before it actually goes live.

With Monitis’ Full Page Test Tool, users can see how long it takes to load a complete HTML page. Monitis’ Full Page Test Tool loads a given HTML page in a virtual environment, mimicking the way the page would be loaded in a Web browser.
By tracking the page load times of each individual image, CSS, JavaScripts, RSS, Flash and frames/iframes, the tool shows stats on the total number of objects, the size of each object, and load time for your web page. These are viewed in multi-color bar graphs and can be shown in load order or in a hierarchy.
Monitis’ Full Page Test Tool is useful for understanding the size of objects on a page, and analyzing things like:
– which elements take the longest to load
– how internal and external links are affected during loading
– how RSS feeds, plug-ins and other features are performing on a page
– how long it takes to connect
– the start and finish time of the load for each item on the page.
There are some important reasons for web site owners to be concerned about page load time:
1. Slow page load times negatively impact a site’s Google ranking. If the load time in slow, Google says it will impact your quality score, as pages that load slowly are bad for users. Hence, slow loading pages are bad for your SEO.
2. Slow page load times turn away users. Research has proven that slow page loads increase users’ frustration and dissatisfaction with a site. Research also has found that the maximum tolerable wait time for a page to load it about 4 seconds.
3. Slow page load times result in lost sales. Research has shown that an 8 second load time (4 seconds above the optimal load time of 4 seconds) can result in a visitor loss of up to 75.75%.
According to Hovhannes Avoyan, Monitis’ Founder and CEO, “Our new Full Page Load Test Tool is a no-brainer for IT mangers and web masters serious about saving massive amounts of time. It helps them develop faster loading pages faster.”
More details at http://portal.monitis.com/index.php/full-page-test
About Monitis All-in-One Monitoring Platform
Monitis is the only service that provides Systems Monitoring from the Cloud. It is leading a new era of systems management tools – the Cloud generation. Monitis is a 100% Cloud-based, complete, and flexible IT monitoring solution, offered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.
Monitis consolidates back-end monitoring, application monitoring, website monitoring, and cloud monitoring in an all-in-one, hosted monitoring service. The platform is easily customizable and may be used for managing of all kinds of IT assets such as websites, servers, routers, switches, VoIP devices, DNS, databases, processes and any other IP devices. Monitis provides users with a comprehensive view of their system’s health and performance.
About Monitis
Monitis believes that the Cloud is the biggest thing to happen in IT management since IT management. Having seen this vision early, Monitis is now the global leader in developing this market. It is the first affordable network and systems monitoring solution based 100% in the Cloud.
Besides Monitis’ enthusiastic and loyal user base of 50,000 customers from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies to government agencies and educational institutions, Monitis has won rave reviews from the technology analyst community. These accolades include:
• Being named as the “Most Innovative Start-Up for 2009” by industry analyst The 451 Group at their annual client conference in December 2009.
• Being ranked among the 2010 OnDemand 100 in April 2010. The OnDemand 100 is a ranking by Morgan Stanley, KPMG, and AlwaysOn of the world’s top 100 private companies.
Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Monitis is lead by a team of IT professionals with deep experience running enterprise-grade IT businesses, as well as starting and selling several IT start-ups. Using a global workforce, particularly its R&D team based in Yerevan, Armenia, Monitis is poised to move from strength to strength. At present, it has a loyal and enthusiastic user community of 50,000, and an average month-on-month growth of over 10%.

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