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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Singapore Web Hosting Company Sees Number Of Domain Name Registrations Reaching An All-Time High

The number of available domain names that utilise words in the English language has seen a rapid decrease over the past few months. In fact, an Internet survey reveals that there are less than 35,000 single English word domains left available with either the .com or the .net extensions. With global Internet activity increasing, industry experts predict that the numbers of single-word domain names will soon vanish. Already 3-letter and 4-letter domain names are no longer available and even multiple-word domain names are fast disappearing. This is not surprising considering the growing increase in interest in social media and search engine optimization, which directly translates to more businesses investing in the domain names that they need and want.

No more space on cyberspace?

Being in the market for over 8 years, Singapore web hosting company, Vodien Internet Solutions has been seeing the numbers of available domain names dwindle steadily over the years. With domain names being in such high demand in this day and age, bidding wars frequently happen between interested parties of a domain name. What is interesting is how domain name purchases have peaked in recent months, leading to an all-time high in domain registration.

John Jervis, the Vice President of Sales at Vodien Internet Solutions, says, “A few factors have contributed to this spike in domain name purchases. The sobering reality of last year’s credit crisis has probably contributed to a larger number of newly formed entrepreneurial ventures, many of which have an online presence. We’re also seeing an increasing number of conventional small and medium businesses seeing the value of establishing their presence on the Internet, or expanding where they currently stand on the Internet with more online real estate.”

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