Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

DTS Web Solutions Announces 26% Off Web Domain Reseller Plan

Starting an online business is by far one of the most rewarding enterprises to delve into. Just think about it: What is Google’s primary product? Apart from its smart phones, its main income generator is the internet. Google simply cashes in through advertisers who buy ‘virtual’ space online. This niche business has made billionaires of Google’s founders.

While Google is a glaring example, there are countless others who are exploiting the web daily. Yes, many people are becoming successful today through online businesses.

There are several business opportunities available to any person seriously seeking to start an online business. Chances are, if one can conceive it, there is a market out there for it. A word for the wise is this; internet entrepreneurs should not pursue a business with the intention of capturing the mass market. Their goal should be to reach a ‘certain’ market segment that is more inclined to buy what they are trying to sell online. There is a specific need, and there is someone who specializes in meeting that need
Examine the following examples of online e-businesses:
UticaWatches.com: This site sells only watches by Bulova Corporation. They sell brands like Accutron, Wittnauer, Caravelle, and Bulova watches. They also sell Bulova wall and floor clocks. While there are many other watch manufacturers available, they positioned themselves to cater specifically to Bulova’s market.
“Daddy freelancer” states on its website,“DaddyFreelancer.com,” that it is in the network of the largest freelance jobs website: “We have thousands of freelance jobs online for freelance programmers, web designers, graphic designers, writers and more. We have hundreds of thousands of professional freelancers ready to bid on your outsourced projects.” This site specializes in connecting businesses with freelancers. Their philosophy is to allow individuals and small companies function and grow their business without actually having to hire a specialist. They can simply employ these specialists for specific projects at affordable prices. Individuals put in bids, and projects are awarded to the winning bid.
Niche Empire is a company that allows individuals to gain access to a host of online products such as e-Books, audio, and software products. Having purchased the products, one could set up a website and sell them at a great profit margin. Since there is no inventory and its related costs, the potential is huge. With the ever increasing expansion of the internet, this business can see sales from around the globe, literally.
“Discover to Succeed” is also an online business that sells e-Books on multiple topics. They sell e-Books on topics ranging from the economy, relationships, entrepreneurship, pet lovers, how to prepare for college, and health and fitness etc. They exclusively sell online. Visit discovertosucceed.com and browse the products they offer.
iBusinessPromoter.com sells a top-rated website promotion software tool that helps online sites to get more customers and sales through high rankings on Google and other major search engines.
TheBibleScholar.com: This site primarily serves the Christian in search of a better understanding of the Bible. It has designed an application available on the iPhone app store. Currently, the company is in the process of developing The Bible Scholar app for Android, Nokia (Symbian), Blackberry, and Windows Mobile phones. While it reaches its customers through the app store, it relies on its website to create brand awareness.
DTS Web Solutions provides low cost domain names, affordable web hosting, and web domain reseller plans.
One of the best kept web-secrets is an online web domain reseller plan. A big online web hosting and domain-name company sells reseller plans in the same way a burger company sells a franchise. The individual pays an annual fee for less than the price of a smart phone (about $6 per month). With that, he gets all the features and support available to some of the well-known web hosting companies. All he has to do is come up with a website name, and everything else like technical support and inquiries are handled by the parent company. That’s right; they do all the heavy lifting.
The incentive is great since one is making lots of money online without shipping any inventory – certainly this is one major thing the individual need not worry about. One more thing: the individual does not even have to answer any phone calls, as such reseller plans share their customer and technical support staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
So, how big is the World Wide Web? Netcraft says that the total number of websites on the Internet have now exceeded 200 million.
70,392,567 websites were indexed by Netcraft as of August 2005. 19.2 billion Pages were indexed by Yahoo as of August 2005. It is very clear that the internet is expanding and so are the opportunities for entrepreneurs.
Reseller Plans put the individual in the red-hot domain name registration and Internet business. He or she gets instant product development, customer support, and a customized website storefront.
The reseller plans offered by DTS Web Solutions gives the every day Joe the following benefits:
§ No deposits, advances or revenue sharing. The individual sets his prices on each product he offers. The owner decides his profits.
§ Feature a pre-built, fully customizable Free Web site, hosted on a secure platform. The reseller site owner gets to build his site in minutes, utilizing tools from the parent company.
§ Billing and customer support are handled by the parent reseller
§ The owner’s site is live from the moment he signs up.
§ The new owner gets bonus software to help him sell.
§ He is provided with free search engine visibility
§ He gets free express email marketing
§ As a way to get him started he is given Google® AdWords® Credit for site promotion online
§ There is free online profit and activity reporting
§ Free web hosting is an another perk.
§ The new owner gets free complete traffic analysis with site analytics
§ The site owner gets free support for his customers and himself. This support handles all the issues, big or small.
§ The Reseller gets an SSL certificate. A secure certificate is a proven way to reassure customers that any transaction on the site is 256-bit encrypted and secure.
Benefits of a Web domain reseller business
1. There is no inventory
2. There is no mailing to customers
3. The internet will be around for a while. Domain name purchases and hosting are done 24 hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
4. Sales are global. The business owner can get sales coming in from around the world.
5. The reseller plan does not require website expertise, as customized websites are available from the time the person signs up. The site goes live immediately. The only thing the owner has to come up with is the name for his business.
6. The Web domain site owner sets the prices for each product he offers, from SSL certificates to web site hosting.
8. It is inexpensive to start. It costs less than two hundred dollars a year for the premium plan.
9. There is no fear of running out. Since the products are web-based, the sales potential is huge.
Visit: http://www.DTSWebSolutions.info for more details about a reseller plan or web hosting/domain names.

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