Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Fasthosts launches online storage service

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a leading web hosting provider, has launched a brand new online storage solution especially designed for archiving valuable business data. The service provides secure off-site storage space within a state-of-the-art UK data centre.

The online storage solution is designed for all levels of business user, with multiple methods of uploading data, and functionality for sharing documents between teams on and off the premises. ’Cloud-based’ services, such as Fasthosts Secure Online Storage, offer businesses substantial cost, scalability and security benefits. Significantly, new research of 209 UK firms conducted by IDC on behalf of Fasthosts, shows 60% are still not leveraging any cloud-computing and missing out on important benefits.

Fasthosts Secure Online Storage addresses the challenge businesses face in coping with the off-site storage of increasing amounts of valuable electronic data. The solution uses a highly scalable ’cloud-based’ model to deliver easy-to-use, fast and highly secure storage on demand. Users can utilise the storage as a primary file store, or as a location for back-up copies. Storage capacity is selected according to requirements and can be increased dynamically from 50 Gigabytes to a massive 2 Terabytes. As a cloud solution, the user is not limited to specific hardware for utilising the service and can upscale or downsize at any time and pay only for their required usage.

All data is transferred using SSL, backed-up automatically and stored securely. The solution offers flexibility in how data is uploaded – Drive Mapping, web browser access, and FTP access. Furthermore, the solution enables users to effortlessly share documents across teams and locations. All storage packages feature the same high level of quality and 100Mbps connectivity and customers are offered flexible contract options and significant discounts for annual payment.

Steve Holford, Marketing Director, Fasthosts Internet Ltd., said: “Our new secure online storage solution is ideal for ensuring that valuable business data is always backed up securely and on-hand 24/7 from any computer. The speedy transfer and flexibility for access means increased efficiencies and easier remote working. There has never been a better business case for cloud-based data storage”

Fasthosts Secure Online Storage utilises its latest server hardware on the Fasthosts’ Data Center on Demand (DCoD) platform. Designed in collaboration with Microsoft experts using Microsoft Dynamic Data Centre, DCoD releases the full power of the hardware and is the latest in agile, secure and highly reliable server infrastructure. As a storage provider, Fasthosts guarantees swift transfer for both uploads and downloads from any Internet enabled computer.

Data from Fasthosts’ ’Cloud Attitudes’ study, conducted by IDC, found that 60% of UK businesses still do not use any type of cloud-computing service and miss out on key benefits such as increased performance, scalability, and cost savings. Whilst 82% of firms recognise the need for data back-up off-site, only 16% use flexible cloud-based storage options for this, and 69% have no plans to explore cloud-computing in this way. A total of 1 in 5 believe they will side-step cloud-computing all-together. A key reason for reluctance is a lack of staff expertise, with 1 in 4 firms admitting this is a primary concern for them.

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