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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Gossimer Ultimate Hosting Plan Gets Even Cheaper

Gossimer, one of the top 25 world’s most popular web hosting and domain name registration company, has further reduced the price of its web hosting plan – the Ultimate Hosting Plan – to make it more affordable for individuals and tiny, small, and medium-size businesses. The Ultimate Hosting Plan that used to cost $5 per month will now cost $4 per month. The company has also reduced the price of the web hosting plan purchased for the longer terms.

The Ultimate Hosting Plan is the flagship product of the web hosting company, which was created by merging the features of all hosting plans that Gossimer offered. In this plan, Gossimer offers unlimited disk space, data transfer, e-mails with 2 GB space each, database space, MySQL for Linux hosting and MSSQL/Access for Windows hosting, sub-domains, domain aliases, FTP users, and corn jobs. Gossimer also offers $50 free Yahoo ad credit with every web hosting account.

“This is another gift to webmasters from Gossimer,” said Marvin Dreyer, CEO of Gossimer, “With this price reduction, we have showed how strongly we believe in helping people establish their web-business. We have lowered the price of both Linux Hosting as well as Windows Hosting, and as always our safe, secure, stable, and reliable web hosting will enable webmaster make their dreams come true. They are working hard to make it true, and we are doing our bit.”

To make the websites hosted with Gossimer safe, secure, and steady, the company usage globally distributed datacenter. The global dispersion of data centers helps Gossimer’s customers reach the global audience, without any delay. The company usage RAID hardware and work on the principle of Clustering and n+1 Architecture to make its system scalable and reliable. The company protects all hosting accounts against hard disk failure by using live backup feature. To all its customers, Gossimer also gives an option to create data policies that allows them to meet their specific backup requirement.

The recent drop in price has made the Ultimate Hosting Plan more lucrative, which will help the small and mid-size online business owners keep their operation cost low. Seeing the status of the web hosting company, some of the industry pundits have expected a sudden rise in the sale of the Ultimate Hosting Plan. The company is keeping its fingers crossed. Only time will tell what it has in the offer for Gossimer.

About Gossimer, LLC
Gossimer is a full-feature, fastest growing domain name registration and webhosting company. Since 2001, Gossimer is providing web hosting, email hosting, and domain registration services from New Jersey. The company is well known for its exceptionally responsive customer support, knowledgeable technical support, server uptime, and attractive web hosting packages. For more information, please visit: http://www.gossimer.com

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