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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

NamesBeyond Takes Over Domain Name Accounts of 123Registration, Inc

NamesBeyond, a leading global domain name registrar, today announced the takeover of the administration of accounts of the failed domain name registrar 123 Registration, Inc.

“Website owners and domain name customers are the most at risk when a registrar is de-accredited,” said Uma Murali, President & CEO, NamesBeyond. “Web sites stop working; emails don’t get delivered and business grinds to a halt. We are pleased to provide a safe transition to our services, and to provide a safe landing for customers.”

On 27 July 2010, ICANN, the global coordination body for global top level domain names worldwide, announced (http://www.icann.com/en/announcements/announcement-27jul10-en.htm) that it removed the accreditation for the registrar 123 Registration due to their inability to conform to their contractual requirements. ICANN conducted a global search process to select a successor registrar to provide service to the customers of these deaccredited registrars. NamesBeyond was selected in this process.

NamesBeyond has created a special section on its website for 123 Registration, Inc. customers, accessible at www.namesbeyond.com/transfer. Former customers of 123 Registration, Inc. are invited to create new accounts with NamesBeyond and get in touch with the company to ensure a seamless and trouble-free transition of their domain name services.

About NamesBeyond
NamesBeyond (http://www.namesbeyond.com) is a leading domain name registration, web hosting, web design and online identity company. The company’s focus on customer service, security, and great value make it the preferred choice for some of the world’s biggest brands. NamesBeyond has offices in Philadelphia (USA), Toronto (Canada) and Chennai (India).

For more information, visit www.namesbeyond.com

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